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Zhejiang town before the child: the story of time travel micro-blog Sina | on 08 October 2016 10:16 ten years ago, a frivolous travel, let me breath in almost all of the ancient town of Zhejiang "prominent", of course, away from Zhouzhuang, then Zhouzhuang has long since "commercialized" and a reputation. The town before the child was already late autumn and early winter, is the tourist season, in the town, WenJiQiWu, but still can not escape the noise, the lens is inseparable from the surging crowd. I am very sympathetic to those who follow the tour group in the ancient town of the rapid march of tourists, leaving only ‘come’. No one has changed the alleys of the ancient town of tourists, a variety of modern commercial facilities, the same diet, rough cottage souvenirs, of course, high fares. The roof of my beautiful town, exists only in the morning and night, although there is also good, but since then seemed to suffer a "town phobia", ten years almost no initiative went to a town, because imagination is always better than reality. Old town, flowery children after ten years in Ninghai. Arrived at the hotel has been more than 3 p.m., from the search for a large number of information, we finally decided to visit the most famous here before the child town. Let the children’s fame is certainly a painter, filmmaker Chen Yifei, autobiographical film "barber" is mainly in the town before the child shot, he evaluated here is "everywhere painting", but Chen died during filming. The childhood life in Jiangnan painter also let Zhouzhuang fame have to say is the initiator of evil, unique vision. Photo source: Sina blogger changtuishushu [Sina] license the travel statement without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: