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Zhao Shilin: the first spiritual breakthrough [Abstract] ethics in the humanistic spirit of Chinese civilization, is characteristic of Chinese axis breakthrough, thus forming the Ethics Center, pan moralism. Ethics is higher than politics, ethics is higher than science, ethics is higher than history. The author: Zhao Shilin (Minzu University of China professor of philosophy and religion, the spirit of the Chinese civilization) first breakthrough, i.e. axial breakthrough occurred in the spring and Autumn period, in the axis of breakthrough, the birth of Confucius, Lao Tzu, Mo-tse and other thinkers, including Confucius and the most representative. Confucianism, represented by him, has cultivated the cultural character of the Chinese nation through the breakthrough of the axis, which determines the spiritual trend of Chinese civilization. Confucianism, represented by Confucius, cultivates the cultural character of the Chinese nation. The main clue of China’s axis breakthrough is the transformation from religious consciousness to humanistic consciousness. The gestation period of axis breakthrough can be traced back to the early Western Zhou dynasty. The founding of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Duke of Zhou ritual music is a major political event, but also a major cultural event. The most attention is the two changes: first, from the concept of God to change the concept of fate. From the Shang Dynasty the personification of God into early week moral vocation, dilute the Supreme Personality of the concept of God ("Book of Songs" in even the personality of God complaining of poem, the so-called "Haotian Hu heartless"), the highest moral existence concept. Second, from God’s will to the will of the people. At the beginning of the week literature appeared "days as the self FTV days to listen to the people themselves to such claims, and Western medieval" voice of God, people of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. ". To the Duke as the representative of the traditional ritual, shaken the ancient so-called "Jedi" after the king alone on behalf of the God of heaven, Heaven (God’s will) the monopoly power of interpretation and implementation of the traditional, Providence of public opinion, put forward "the will of the God, ruler of chaos, sparked outrage from his fate instead, he’ll be done. After the Jedi, only the king could explain the fate of god. But the week metric music, further shaken the providence of interpretation. The Duke is a ready, at the beginning of the week and the music tradition with religious meaning, "Book of Songs" and "careful, that God" this verse. To the spring and Autumn period of Confucius, then completed the first breakthrough of Chinese civilization. The basic structure of etiquette system in ancient China was determined in Zhou rites. The spring and Autumn period, "people have emerged, God is the master of" country, listen to the people, will die, listen to God "concept, continue to strengthen the value orientation from God to the people since the beginning of the week, days of declining status, people’s rising status, the so-called" heaven is far, humanitarian you". Confucius pushed forward and completed two major spiritual breakthroughs: first, the spirit of humanity instead of religious consciousness. Confucius "not language, weird things" proposed "not a matter of people, how can it take the suspicion to the ghost, ghosts, is actually the exclusion of primitive religious beliefs since ancient witchcraft superstition, cultivating a humanistic rational spirit. Confucius was born in the original Confucianism, and witchcraft, professional and technical personnel of primitive religious sacrificial activities, but Confucius has subverted the traditional role of Confucianism, Confucianism will take shape for the humanities spirit and the moral mission continuously. Hole.相关的主题文章: