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Zhao Fengxuan: 9.15EIA Dumbledore black scenes full of crude oil more than a single release Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The voyage of the ship, destined to have the risk of unpredictable, the feast, destined to have a grasp of the market! You hold the reunion and happiness, so there is no way to embrace the profits! Yesterday did not get what you want, then, I will take you to get better EIA market today! Analysis: Wednesday (September 14th), the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data show that as of September 9th week, the U.S. EIA crude oil inventories in the last time after accidentally dropped again, accidentally fell 559 thousand barrels, is expected to increase 2 million 767 thousand and 800 barrels, before the value dropped 14 million 513 thousand barrels, at the same time, EIA gasoline inventories unexpectedly increased by 567 thousand small barrels; Cushing crude oil inventories unexpectedly reduced 1 million 245 thousand barrels of U.S. domestic crude oil production increased 35 thousand barrels a day. According to the EIA report, apart from the strategic reserves of commercial crude oil inventories fell 559 thousand barrels to 510 million 800 thousand barrels, down 0.1[%], crude oil inventories has recorded three consecutive weeks decline. The United States EIA refined oil storage market recorded an increase of five consecutive weeks, an increase of more than a maximum of 8 months. Cushing crude oil inventories fell for three consecutive weeks in the region, the biggest weekly drop of up to 12 weeks. Following last week’s Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, crude stocks slumped last night, EIA and crude oil inventories amazingly recorded a decline; but this week, gasoline inventories and refined oil inventories have a large increase in domestic crude oil production rose for the first time; the United States ushered in four, data released after oil prices rise. Zhao Fengxuan said: yesterday is a downward trend of crude oil drag, drop kinetic energy under 45.15, decentralization of support in 43.4, above the key resistance at 45.15, the upside can hold up to 45.75. Today in this wave of crude bitumen in the market shocks, I want to have a lot of friends more than a single investment in the inside, due to the uncertainty of the market, in the crude asphalt investment process, quilt investors always There are plenty of people who. Because the platform is different, different point, I do not say that the universal release strategy, if there is a single set of friends can take a screenshot of your single positions to contact me, I will analyze the specific release scheme according to your situation. Now I would like to talk about the need to pay attention to the investment of the three guidelines, there is no money to invest, only unsuccessful operation! Whether the profit is to buy up or buy the opportunity to grasp. So how to find the bottom of the asphalt or high, while avoiding the risk to minimize is the focus. Single set of friends concerned about WeChat zfx231 public number Zhao Fengxuan". Remind investors need to pay attention to the three criteria: 1, the importance of stop: for the shock of the market does not stop loss does not lose anything, but once the unilateral market? Since you want to do so, it is necessary to think of the consequences, then you will not have such an idea, the shock market with a stop, point is not a good grasp of the theory相关的主题文章: