Zhang Tielin won the two Xia Yuhe appearance Lafayette court ratatouille

Zhang Tielin won the two Xia Yuhe appearance: Lafayette court diagram sishengnv event has just come to an end, the morning of September 29th "huangama" Zhang Tielin "mtaji war" in the Chaoyang Court Jiuxianqiao court hearing. Zhang Tielin’s girlfriend Ms. Zi sued Zhang Tielin, the minor son awarded her custody. In June this year, Zhang Tielin once the name of the son of Ms. Zi to court to ask for alimony. After more than three hours of open trial, the trial comes to an end. Zi’s lawyers out of the court to the crime unit no. 37 confirmed that the defendant Zhang Tielin’s mother as witnesses. The former court is to see the children played by Zhang Tielin in the "Huanzhugege" huangama and became popular, and in his life more like a king play, have a son and a daughter out of wedlock he recently because of child rearing and the girlfriend go to court. The morning of September 29th at 8:50 PM, tall lady lawyer and Ms. Hou Zi (Zhang Tielin sishengnv mother), accompanied by the makeup to appear in court, she wears her hair in a high bun, wearing a beige casual coat, black trousers, somewhat haggard. She told the case number 37, the prosecution in addition to child custody will also be a spiritual compensation. Zi said, online rumors Zhang Tielin mtaji behavior does, they will submit the relevant evidence to the court. Why does the child after the teen court to a child? She said before in privately but and Zhang Tielin can’t communicate, "no exposure him, it can not communicate, Sue is cornered the method, including last year have not seen him after the prosecution." "I don’t know the status of children, do not know the identity of origin. As far as I know, he was registered under the name of his brother." Ms. Hou is Zhang Tielin’s predecessor, now two as "Xia Yu." they have come together, Zi said Ms. because two people have similar experiences. The lawyer testified at 12:10 Zhang Tielin’s mother in court, Zi’s lawyers out of the court, said that Zhang Tielin’s mother had morning as witnesses. Case No. 37 outside and did not wait until Zhang Tielin’s mother, after leaving the low-key in the trial. Zi lady out did not disclose the content after the respondent Zhang Tielin party, just confirmed Zhang mother to testify. Squad number 37 officers learned that the party, Zhang Tielin Zi 7 years not to miss this obligation, Zi said, she did not see the children for 7 years because of the other obstacles, in front of the court suggested that children after appearing in court, today still did not see the child. In order to earn the custody of the child, the main expression of the court Zi Ms. Zhang Tielin is not suitable for children. He repeatedly made false endorsements for advertising, moral corruption." "And more than and 60 years old, not suitable for children." It is reported that, due to the need to identify the relevant facts, the case will be held again. The son of Zhang Tielin: for the mother custody of the 600 thousand claims in the trial, Zi prosecution said that in 2001 she read, as a lecturer at the Jinan University in Guangdong and met Zhang Tielin at the time, and in the Zhang Tielin and promised to marry under the pregnant and children. 2002 twins相关的主题文章: