Yu Qian for Busan explosion red Busan line or take a sequel in the uncle to participate in it-doat

Yu Qian for Busan explosion red   Busan line or take a sequel in the uncle to participate in it? – Jiangxi Channel – People’s original title: Yu Qian because of Busan line explosion red Busan line or take a sequel, the uncle to participate in it? Yu Qian in uncle and accidentally became popular, this is not because crosstalk is not because of hobbies, but Yu Qian starring "Busan line" let uncle for a film star addiction. Recently, the South Korean film "Busan line" cited the ratings frenzy, but many sharp eyed Netizens found inside the actor and comedian Yu Qian was very similar. In this regard, Yu Qian in the online issue comparison chart, a group of two people and with the text: "I am a Xiamen man said to me, brother recently you fire him! You know there’s a kettle in the mountains, and it’s going to go to Busan! What’s in a mess?!" Yu Qian estimates that now everyone knows "Busan line" in the tough guy fat uncle, he is Ma, who entered the entertainment circle because of a film professional brother, thus a special liking for the film, then opened the movie tour. In his film career, he plays a variety of characters, can be tough, can be very tender, can also be very funny. In 2005, the military action "and" science fiction comedy debut, the film tells the story of a few people came to North Korea through time and space, to help Li Shunchen achieve victory in the war in the story, then he began to show the characteristics of funny guy. After the start of the green life for 11 years, although there are several starring, but most of them are cameos, some even supporting are not, as in the movie "star’s crime and the crime of the war", Dongxi Ma Gang thugs "gold master". The horse can be found Dongxi many films are in the surface is very rude and overbearing, but the heart is very warm, warm heart role, feeling like character appeared, may look handsome enough, so he has been in the leaves, if not the "Busan line" suddenly hot, he was not such a high degree of concern. (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan) 于谦因釜山行爆红 釜山行或拍续集于大爷要参演吗?–江西频道–人民网 原标题:于谦因釜山行爆红 釜山行或拍续集于大爷要参演吗?   于谦于大爷又意外走红了,这次不是因为相声也不是因为爱好而是于谦主演的《釜山行》让于大爷当了一会影视明星的瘾。近日,韩国电影《釜山行》引收视狂潮,但很多眼尖的网友发现里面的男演员竟然和相声演员于谦十分相像。对此,于谦在网上发出一组两人的对比图,并配文:“我一个厦门的哥们儿跟我说:谦哥,最近你火了!你这是明知山有釜,偏向釜山行呀!什么乱七八糟的!”   于谦   估计现在谁都认识《釜山行》中的硬汉胖大叔,他是马东锡,当年进入演艺圈是因为有个电影专业的弟弟,从而对电影情有独钟,之后开启了电影之旅。在他的电影生涯中,他在剧中角色多种多样,可以很强硬,可以很温情,还可以很搞笑。2005年,参演动作科幻喜剧《天军》而正式出道,影片讲述了几个人穿越时空来到朝鲜,协助李舜臣取得战争胜利的故事,在那时起他搞笑硬汉特性就开始展现。   之后开始了长达11年的绿叶人生,虽然有几部是主演,但大多数都是客串,有些连配角都算不上,像在河正宇主演的犯罪电影《与犯罪的战争》中,马东锡饰演黑帮打手“金师傅”。 可以发现马东锡很多电影都是出演表面很粗鲁霸道,但内心很温情,暖心的角色,感觉就像本色出演,可能样子不够帅,让他一直出演绿叶,如果不是《釜山行》突然火爆,他也没有这么高的关注度。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远)相关的主题文章: