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You haven’t used eye cream?! – looking girl with burn out the Milky Way attribute Beauty Department of micro signal: mcyhxbb Ivy Baty, hoping to give you the answer! A lot of younger sister paper often ignore the eye cream do not know the skin around the eye is pulled down the overall value of the culprit! Don’t you dare to take care of it?! We # eye cream # misunderstanding misunderstanding 1: think age = eye muscle skin week their age Myth 2: eye cream is that people over the age of 25 to use the product myth 3: that little expensive eye cream effect around the # answer # eyes not essential art skin is our whole face the most delicate, the most delicate skin. Especially the two pieces under the eyes. So, the girls want to nip in the bud, the age of 18 began to use lightweight eye cream. The eye is not a panacea, in effect immediately emerge, what skin care work cannot do without stick! The use of eye cream is the preventive effect, delaying wrinkles, eye wrinkles, dry lines reporting to you in time. Since you want to catch your husband is not quick to take action! Eye care right, we can help the skin play a multiplier effect, # eye care # step: use eye makeup remover remover clean and gentle nature of the delicate skin of the eye to do the clean work. Step two: eye point massage with both hands of the middle finger and ring finger gently press the eye points, 2 to 3 laps is enough. Step three: mask mask can quickly deep moisture around the eyes and wrinkles the skin due to lack of water, nutrients will import a large number of eye skin bottom. Step four: component coated eye essence take pearl particle size, the lower eyelid eye tail inward corner of the eye to touch, then by the corner of the upper eyelid outward light according to eye end, so the cycle of 2 to 3 times. Eye cream is selected according to age, age, skin needs different. # eye cream #20 years | moisturizing anti fatigue refreshing eye cream, such as gel, emulsion, can effectively dispel pouch and black rim of the eye. The 30 year old | maintain comfortable attention against the original fine lines, we must strengthen the moisture, strengthen skin thickness and eliminate the obvious black eye. The 40 year old | Rhytidoplasty for clear eye lines, but also can not ignore the pouch and black rim of the eye, must use renewable components of high concentration to wrinkle. What eye cream to choose which good contrast, after have the answer to make art for you a piece of grassland ~# cream recommended #Freeze Frame eye cream texture: transparent gel moisturizing effect: suitable for people aged 18-23 Australia Freeze Frame eye cream is the net red grass innumerable. Pump mouth design dosage is very good control, health and convenient and save. Eyes cool, gently massage one or two minutes to be absorbed very clean. Mainly suitable for the use of moisturizing sister. Reference price: 260RMB 15mlThe Body Shop elderflower eye cream texture: transparent gel effect: moisturizing, dilute the black eye for the crowd: 19-24 year old foreign magazines is often recommended, is a very loud reputation in a star product. The convergence effect of elderflower ingredients update calm eye skin. Reference price: 136RMB 15mlit s skin Ian red snail Cream Ball ~相关的主题文章: