Ye Zixuan Xiang Long, Lord of bikinis fashion bright beta gameplay exposure tamiflu

Ye Zixuan Xiang Long, Lord of the beta bikinis fashion bright play Indoorsman yezixuan exposure goddess dedicated endorsement, YouXi – the world’s first annual fantasy masterwork ATB custom hegemony "dragon lords" online games in September 13th is about to open the Dragon attack test. The game to the player customization as the core idea, through the hero customization, system customization, private enjoyment of benefits for the players to create a highly personalized private custom online games. In the beta version, game player can not only Ye Zixuan and zero distance interaction, more can experience Ye Zixuan with bikinis fashion, personalized fashion. In addition, game player are most concerned about the beta gameplay has gradually surfaced. Today, the Lord of the dragon, the six characteristics of the play played out, let us look at.   players customize the same paragraph Ye Zixuan bikini debut, different, play a personality is the pursuit of young people to play the game. The real world is to show true too observant of conventional standards., I in the game world. Based on the "game player customization" concept, "the Dragon lords" provides a very broad space for creative game player, by custom, custom, hero gameplay benefits customization and many other content, let the game player to achieve the purpose of free customization. Not long ago, Ye Zixuan filmed calm makeup and live facelift bikinis, sexy style to the game player who melted. In the game, players can also experience the same section of Ye Zixuan bikini dress. In addition, the game will also launch a wonderful variety of personalized clothing, can make their own game player out of fashion, personality, fashion wear. Our camp tit for tat subversion of conventional "dragon lords" play for the first time in the single line clear, and put forward the concept of our camp. No complex small groups of family, only large and the authority of the ice camp, the more game player can find their heart harbor. "The Lord of the dragon" contains the "holy alliance" and "the two tribes", there is no distinction between justice and evil, there is no wrong and right, there is only a confrontation between the camps. As the son of camp, can compete for authority leaders, take office, can also challenge the alliance reward task, and alliance partners to work together against a threat to the interests of the glory and the camp, since when the die die again and again. Traditional camp glory has gradually transferred to the player’s personal glory, strengthen the game experience. What will be the battle of the secret faction? It is up to you to decide.   build a private territory plunder chaokuaigan experience in the beta version, the new system will be officially unveiled. It is important to develop territory "module Dragon Lord", each game player has a piece of their own small world, along with the role rank promotion will unlock resources supply function, can increase the number of game player by upgrading the supply building, windmill production, Everfount was an indispensable resource to the game. At the same time, players can also take the initiative to plunder other people’s territory, to quickly get a lot of resources. Want to get rich overnight? Want to have their own site? New territory system to help you achieve your dream. Have super strength Hallows reproduction edge remember the fantasy novel "Harry Potter" in the mysterious old wand, the resurrection stone and cloak, until the.相关的主题文章: