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Software Customer relationship management is a fun exercise and not a strenuous one. .panies who have managed their customer base for years will definitely vouch for this fact. The process of customer relationship management doesnt only involve making cold calls as done by marketing people. It is a .prehensive process, which requires as much care and intellect as any other business process. Since you are dealing with your customers; the most important asset for your .anization you have to be extra cautious. Always remember that the most important goal while you are with an .anization is to create and retain customers. Tell your marketing or sales professionals not to sell, but help customers buy products. The thumb rule is that customers love to buy; although hate to be sold. So train your sales personnel accordingly as they are the ones who will act as an interface between the .anization and the customer. Customer relationship management is about understanding customer needs. If the customer is confused, acquaint him/her about all the options available so that he/she could make a choice. Ensure that customer is your top priority and your sales skills must prove that. A tennis ace once said that if you serve better, your chances of winning increase. Same goes for customer relationship management. Some human resource (HR) people are of the view that at times one has to use emotions to win customers. And to some extent that also holds true! Though emotions stand first, knowledge holds the second badge. You need to well acquaint with what you are selling to the customer to win his/her confidence. For this you need to know pros and cons of the product and from the .anization you belong. So, groom yourself with best skills to win customers and lead the badge of customer relationship management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: