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Who is the playoff team? Gambling company: Rockets game people hanging lake to make the playoffs? Gambling company: Rockets suspended Beijing time on October 23rd, just three or four days away from the 2016-17 season NBA regular season opener. A few strong teams, such as warriors, knights, Spurs are headed for the championship, but the team’s primary task is to enter the playoffs. According to Gambling company FUN88 latest odds, rockets, Nicks, etc. the Bulls team scored the playoffs only probability is 55, and the Lakers to the basic game. What are the chances that the team will be able to hit the playoffs and which teams are destined to run? Gambling company FUN88 gives the latest odds forecast, you can look at what. In the playoffs the odds standings, warriors, Cavaliers, the Spurs are less than 1 / 1.005 of the low odds of lead, visible red crown lineup is almost steady in the playoffs, the regular season to staff rotation, the appropriate holiday is that they should consider. Has a star harden, popularity has been not low rockets are going to hang a lot, they broke into the playoffs odds are 1 loss of about 1.66, only about 6 into. In the twinkling of an eye, there are a lot of players of the bulls, as well as Nicks, and did not imagine so optimistic, they hit the playoffs odds are about 1 loss of about $1.86, only about 5 to grasp it. Kobe retired, due to the joining of the Yi Jianlian, the Lakers once again become the focus of attention of the team. Unfortunately, the reconstruction of the young team, scored a playoff odds of up to 1 loss of 19, there is a very big possibility or a team to accompany the run. Wade lost the heat, the decline is very clear, they can not play the playoffs odds of only 1.33.相关的主题文章: