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Where to go to net eleven nights over millions of record quarterly earnings of –IT–   people.com.cn original title: where the network business hotel eleven nights over millions of record business profitable quarter in October 9, during the National Day holiday, the hotel where the network business record. From where the network’s internal e-mail shows that its eleven day off from the effective amount of more than 1 million nights, single day synchronous growth hit a new high. Where network COO Zhang Qiang said, the hotel business has been difficult, has reached the market in the middle of the first star." In addition, Zhang Qiang said in the message, where large accommodation Division has a quarterly profit, this is where the network and previously speculated that "at the end of 2016, will be the time node of our earnings expected to. From the overall business point of view, the large quarters of the quarterly business earnings, in 2016 as a whole on its way to a solid step forward. Back in the past, during the National Day in 2015, where the network eleven the day of the hotel occupancy reached a single day of 500 thousand, a new record, has been close to or peak to reach the market first. And just a year’s time, where to go to the hotel network effective night volume growth more than doubled to become the real market first, so amazing growth rate can be called the industry miracle. In fact, where the network of hotel business from zero to have experienced a pure search to the platform to direct the three step jump, from 2012 to date the scale of business has increased more than ten times. In April 2013, the hotel launched TTS system, only 1000 direct orders per day. In the first quarter of 2014, where to start to build direct signed hotel network, its hotel bookings growth momentum has been very strong. Destination division strong ground team, in just a year’s time to sign tens of thousands of hotels, laying nearly a million people on the ground to promote part-time network, and promote the rapid growth of its hotel. In September 2014, where to go to strive for further improvement, on the structure of the company was reorganized, the hotel division upgrade for high star hotels and overseas business group, accounting for about 30% of the hotel where the high star hotel business to increase investment, and vigorously expand the market in Southeast Asia and Japan and South korea. October 1, 2015, where to go to the hotel the same day the volume of the night hit a new peak, reaching a single day 500 thousand. This is where to go for five years, a single day synchronous growth rate hit a new high of the year, where the hotel business has been close to or peak to reach the market first. Just a year later, where the network eleven the same day a single day out of the effective amount of up to about 1000000 night, has reached the market in the middle of the first star, and to achieve a quarterly profit of the hotel business. "Only three years, where to go to the hotel to break a million single day peak, and build the opponent insurmountable moat" in the industry, said Zhang qiang. It is worth noting that, where the network development over the past 11 years will exceed the target. The division’s quarterly profit for the company’s overall profitability in 2016 on the road to take a solid step forward. "By our armour, Kroraina will not also not broken. I’m wine相关的主题文章: