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Finance Construction Equipment Leasing is a type of leasing arrangement where a small business owner (like you) would like to get Construction Equipment but at a lower cost than when you buy the Construction Equipment yourself. It falls under the broader category of Equipment Leasing which means that the equipment you want to lease is probably very expensive (and Construction Equipment are extremely expensive) but you cannot rationalize buying the equipment because you might need the equipment only for the short-term or you lack the capital for outright purchases. The usual lease period for Construction Equipment Leasing starts at the 24-month term and could last as long as a 48-month term. Usually, Construction Equipment Leasing will not require you to make a hefty down payment though you may be required to give a security deposit of some amount. This allows you to use more of your cash flow for your business needs and to save up. However, for long-term purposes, it is not advisable to use the Construction Equipment Leasing option – rather, a cheaper option for the long-term loan option is bank financing itself. Construction Equipment Leasing is ideal for short-term needs only. Construction Equipment Leasing may fall into three main categories – namely the capital lease, the operating lease, or the skip lease. The capital lease (also called a finance lease) acts like a regular loan and will last about as long as the actual lifespan of the Construction Equipment. If the Construction Equipment is in good working condition at the end of this lease term, the capital lease allows you to take advantage of the stipulation to buy the same Construction Equipment you have been using for your .pany. The operating lease (also called a true lease) lasts shorter than the life span of the Construction Equipment and will usually use up less of your business cash flow. You may find payments for the operating lease to be tax deductible (but you’ll have to check the agreement you are entering if this applies to you.) A skip lease is ideal for any seasonal business where in.e usually flows in only during specific months in the year (rather than year-round like other businesses.) When it .es to Construction Equipment Leasing, you may get yourself a better deal if you go straight to the Construction Equipment manufacturers. The larger business finance institutions are also known to do this more .monly than the smaller ones. The best way to find this option is to go online and look for any links to “leasing options.” As with any financial transaction, do not snatch up the first offer you get. Rather, try to look around the market and see if there are any Construction Equipment Leasing .panies that can give you a better deal under the same leasing terms. It is equally important to find out if you are in for any tax breaks if you pursue Construction Equipment Leasing for your .pany. This can be confirmed by your .pany accountant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: