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Software In September 2010, I traveled to Monarch Beach, California, to attend the InformationWeek 500 Conference, a large annual gathering of CIOs and other information technology executives. My most recent book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, had .e out a couple of months earlier, and Fritz Nelson, InformationWeek"s editorial director, had invited me to the event to give a talk on the book"s themes. As I sat in on the other sessions, though, it became clear that the conference"s major thrust was cloud .puting, a topic that had been the focus of my previous book, The Big Switch. Figuring out ways to capitalize on the promise of "the cloud," while tempering the risks of being an early adopter of the powerful new set of technologies, had risen to the very top of the CIO"s agenda. During a break in the proceedings, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a coffee with Anubhav Saxena, a top executive with HCL, a $5.7 billion IT services .pany and one of the conference"s lead sponsors. Anubhav had been an enthusiastic reader of The Big Switch, and he was eager to share with me HCL"s multifaceted plan to deliver the power of cloud .puting to its global clientele. He walked me through a PowerPoint presentation on his laptop, and he gave me an early look at MyCloud, a service the .pany is developing that will provide .panies with a simple dashboard for building, managing, and integrating cloud systems, applications, and services from a variety of providers. In The Big Switch, I had argued that the creation of intuitive "cloud interfaces would be essential to the broad adoption of cloud .puting, and MyCloud was one of the most ambitious cloud interfaces I had yet seen. One thing led to another, and Anubhav was soon asking me whether I had given any thought to writing an afterword to The Big Switch, reviewing the enormous progress in cloud .puting technology and adoption that had taken place since the book was published early in 2008. I told him that, having spent the last two years researching and writing The Shallows, I was eager to revisit the subject of cloud .puting. A series of phone calls and meetings ensued, which culminated in HCL"s agreement to provide me with financial, logistical, and intellectual support in writing an update to The Big Switch. The afterword you are now reading is the result of that collaboration, and I am pleased to dedicate it to Anubhav and his colleagues. An Excerpt from the Afterword To read entire Afterword, visit cloudsrollin 相关的主题文章: