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Imagine going home one night to find demand letters from different banks and collection agencies asking you to pay up for debts you never made. Imagine those debts amounting to over a hundred thousand dollars. Now imagine this exact same scenario happening to every member of your household, including your four year-old son. Sounds impossible? Not while identity thieves are still around. Identity or ID theft happens when someone uses another persons personal identifying information, to .mit various acts of crime like fraud. Some of the most .mon forms of ID theft include illegal use of another persons credit, debit or checking accounts, unauthorized loan, credit or phone applications, andfor illegal aliensacquiring employment using another persons identity. If for some reason you think that identity theft could never happen to you, think again. Identity theft is a global issue that affects about nine million Americans each year and ID thieves are not exactly selective of their victims, neither do they take vacations, so its important that you stay vigilant at all times. You should monitor your credit regularly. While it is never wrong to check on your credit once every year (the law requires major nationwide consumer reporting agencies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report annually, upon request), the gap between allowable credit monitoring leave much room for more damage. Generally, the longer fraud goes undetected, the bigger the damage is to the victim. If youre serious about protecting your own welfareand you can afford itwe urge that you get credit monitoring service. This is a type of service offered by .panies who have the ability to review your credit report on a daily basis. The three major credit bureaus offer credit monitoring services that range from 120 dollars to 180 dollars per annuma small price to pay to protect family’s credit with monitoring . You should listen to what experts are saying. There are a great number of articles on the web that teach you how you can better protect your family against identity fraud. Take the time to study and apply them. Some of the most practical yet useful tips include: making sure that all documents that contain personal identifying information are kept locked up somewhere; choosing who you share your and your family members personal information to; making sure that you limit the information you share over the web; taking the time to make sure your mailbox is always secured; and shredding documents to be disposed. When you think about it, its really not that hard to make sure your familys credit and identity remain safeall it takes is a bit of effort to check how your information is being handled by other people. Protect family’s credit with regular monitoring. Show them how much you love them by safeguarding their future from those with criminal intents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: