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Business Although this year a lot of talk about the iPhone 5, amidst off all the predictions that Apple will release an iPhone 5 this year,appeared in various drafts and rumors, just completed at the Apple conference this device was not. Instead it presented an improved version iPhone 4S. Some people may thought Tim Cook, the newly crowned CEO of Apple, has failed to Apple fans with this device. They said there isnt much to tell you about the hardware of the this new mobile device. The shape is just the same and will be available in white and black at the same prices (199, 299 and $ 399 for versions of 16,32,64 GB), although it weighs a little less than the iPhone 4. They think iPhone 4s didnt have deeply renovation. But what I think is that We still have lot talk about iPhone 4s. Lets take a look of the new changes: First, one of the main features that people look at when choosing a new smartphone is the camera. The previous iPhone 4 had a 5 megapixel unit, and as expected, the pixel count has been upped considerably to 8 megapixels, also supporting HD video capture in 1080p compared to the 720p of the iPhone 4. Therefore, the iPhone 4 is now positioned in the market as one of the most powerful camera phones available. Secondly, Siri is the most impressive aspect of the iPhone 4S. It is the name given by Apple to the iPhone 4Ss voice recognition system. It is one of those features which is both ground breaking and practical and should ensure millions of consumers join the queue to get their hands on one of these exciting new phones. It works on the basis of the user holding down the home button for a couple of seconds to activate Siri, which will then answer many different questions.It is an intelligent assistant that allows you get issues carried out just by asking. Siri understands context permitting you to talk normally once you consult it queries, for instance, in the event youinquire Will I want an umbrella this weekend? it understands youre searching for a temperatures forecast. This is a great example of the capabilities Siri. There are many more applications for Siri though. Web searches, replying to text messages and emails, basically any of the main utility apps of the iPhone can be utilised by Siri. Truly groundbreaking stuff. Thirdly, the screen on the iPhone 4S is undoubtedly one of the models most impressive features. The incredible resolution and excellent pixel density that is on offer results in wonderfully vivid images and crystal clear text. Apple have named the screen that is used on this model the Retina display. They have opted for this name as the screen is capable of displaying a pixel density beyond what the human eye can detect. Apple have achieved this by developing a pixel that measures a tiny 78 micro metres across. This means that the screen offers 326 pixel per square inch which makes images and text look crystal clear even when enlarged. The overall resolution of the display is the best currently offered on any smartphone at 960 x 640 and this is together with an impressive contrast ratio of 800:1 which means the screen offers an abundance of colours. The iPhone 4S may not be the complete overhaul that everybody was expecting but it still remains a phone that not only boasts high specification and an excellent interface but also a design that sets it apart from every other phone. .blog.trait-tech../2011/10/what-is-new-with-iphone-4s.html Wel.e .e to trait-tech to talk about the deeply things with linda, we are all interested in Apple products, and also have a lot of accessories for you to choose.MSN/Email: [email protected] skype: linda-trait About the Author: 相关的主题文章: