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UnCategorized We are all born with a physical body which is ready to sustain life. As we grow and mature throughout childhood, we develop into a fully functioning physical human being. Yet, having a fully functioning physical body is only half of the life equation. The other half is the programming needed to make it function. That programming half is obtained through learning from our experiences as we grow up. It’s much like a .puter and its software. The .puter’s hardware – like our physical body – is poised and ready to be fully functioning. However, the .puter won’t function without the right programming software. The type of programming that is loaded determines what functions the .puter will perform. Much as our learning determines what functions our human body will undertake. As we grow and learn, we develop beliefs about the world based on our experiences and our interactions with others – mainly parents, teachers, friends and others close to our world. Those interactions can be very nurturing, loving and supportive, thus creating a very positive world view. Or they can be negative, hateful and demeaning, thus creating a negative world view. It’s much like searching the Internet. Enter the word ‘wealth’ and you’ll get 97 million hits. Search for ‘poverty’ and you’ll get 92 million. Your search engine responds only to the words that are entered. Likewise, you can respond only to the thoughts and teachings to which you are exposed. So, are you inputting the word ‘wealth’ or the word ‘poverty’ into your personal search engine? The experiences and learnings which are installed in people determine how that person functions. Your experience and learning .e from your choice of how you interpret your world. That takes thinking. Your choice of how you think about work and life determines your experiences and learning. Think poverty and you will experience scarcity. Think wealth and you will experience abundance. You attract into your experience what you think about just like a .puter functions and delivers only what you installed or searched on in a browser. Install positive, uplifting, productive, effective thoughts and experience a happy, positive, and joyful life. Install limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and experience a mediocre, hum-drum life. You attract into your life what you think about. What are you going to think about today? Choose your thoughts carefully for they create the life you live today and in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: