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Health planning: 2020 for the development of new antibacterial drugs listed – technology – people.com.cn national health and Family Planning Commission and other 14 departments recently jointly issued the "national plan of action to curb bacterial resistance (2016 – 2020)", a clear implementation strategy and comprehensive management measures from the national level, all aspects of research and development, antimicrobial production, circulation and application environmental protection, strengthen supervision, to deal with risks and challenges of bacterial resistance. 25, released the document pointed out that China is the production and use of antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics are widely used in medical and health, agricultural farming areas, in the treatment of infectious diseases to save the lives of patients, improve the efficiency of breeding and animal epidemic disease prevention and control to protect public health and safety, played an important role. But because of a new antibacterial drug development ability is insufficient, pharmacies over-the-counter sales of antibiotics, medical and aquaculture field unreasonable application of antibacterial drugs, pharmaceutical waste emissions of non-compliance, public awareness of rational use of the various factors, the problem of bacterial resistance has become increasingly prominent. The document sets six objectives, namely: to 2020, for the development of new antibacterial drugs listed 1 – 2, new diagnostic instruments and reagents 5 – 10; retail pharmacies sell prescription drug proportion basically achieve full coverage, province (area, city) by selling veterinary prescription drug proportion reached 50%; perfect medical institutions, animal antibiotic use and bacterial resistance monitoring network, the construction of bacterial resistance and strain reference laboratory center, established the application of antibacterial drugs and drug resistance of bacteria control evaluation system of medical treatment, aquaculture field; the National more than two hospitals to establish the basic mechanism of antibacterial drug clinical application management of medical institutions, the main drug resistant bacteria growth the rate of effective control of antibacterial drugs; animal common antibacterial drugs or easy to produce cross resistance as animal growth promoting application gradually withdraw from the real The main source of resistant bacteria growth rate has been effectively controlled; complete the antimicrobial reasonable application of drugs on the training of medical personnel, a veterinary and aquaculture aquaculture practitioners, the full implementation of primary and secondary schools for rational use of antimicrobial agents in science education. (Luo Hui) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: