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Fashion-Style Marilyn Monroe, an American model and actress, conquered all her public through her particular beauty and charismatic personality. During her career, she developed the reputation of being a humanitarian and intellectual actor. Her ability to attract the attention of the media served to express the revolutionary ideas of Marilyn, in a time where the role of women was quite relegated. The idea sends messages the diva left, are nowadays widely used not only to continue humanitarian causes but also .mercially. The amount of .mercial material used with the image of the actress, her famous quotes other controversies poses, generates high economic movement. Since Marilyn Monroe became a pop icon and a sex symbol, the .mercialization of merchandise with the image of actress increased. Now you can find a variety of products for home and for personal use, with her pictures or with her famous sayings. This is the case of clothing, especially t-shirts. Plenty of stores in the United States and online stores included in the catalogs, t-shirts related to the actress and her career. In some cases, bearing the image of Marilyn to different situations and contexts. Original Vs. Non-Original The top seller products are t-shirts with the different and suggestive poses of Marilyn Monroe. These T-shirts are sold in various online stores, some of them with very low prices like Ebay and Amazon, where you can find a nice-shirt printed with Divaimage, for only7 or8dollarswithoutshippingcharges. The only problem with buying sites like these is that they are products of unknown brands probably developed by small local producer. Some pages like Redbubble offers a variety of printed t-shirts with the image of this actress. The different on this page is the variations the made on the pictures. You can find a Marilyn like a cartoon, Marilyn with guns, etc. This online store sells t-shirts from independent artists and designers from around the world. Now, if you’re a knowledgeable customer and want an original Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, you can buy it directly from the official site Marilyn Monroe shop. On this site, you can find all kinds of products, at good prices and with a unique design. The models sold here have a guarantee and a high-quality policy. The site has15 different models of t-shirts, all with the option of different sizes. Anda prices range from18dollars to21dollars, a bargain considering they are original garment and the products can be delivered worldwide. An extra benefit is that the .pany has the copyright of the images, prints of their shirts are unique as well as the design. If you are a Marilyn Monroe fan, and you want to buy a t-shirt with the picture or with one of her classes is sayings, buy it online. There are a lot of options, from price to design, you just have to be sure to choose one that best fits your personality, just like Marilyn would have liked. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: