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"We love Yuan Hong to" hit "happy camp" Tencent entertainment news recently, starring Yuan Hong, Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin Ming, the "we love" in Hunan satellite TV broadcast fiery in. Last Saturday, Yuan Hong with "we love it" crew debut "happy camp" (online watch). In this episode, Yuan Hong not only according to the "routine" cards, but also to subvert the image of funny. At the same time, more death and love Xinyi Zhang, "black couples will sabotage in the end. Hong Xin couple married for the first time in the end fit love to kill "we love it" since its launch by the majority of the audience, on Saturday, Yuan Hong to "we love it" airborne crew "happy camp". Full of wit and humour in this program, Yuan Hong, recalled due to play Xinyi Zhang as married couples for the first time with the appearance of "happy camp", the two people of the same loving box, with the performance of the two people’s routine. In the part of the game "true", Xinyi Zhang performed cut onions, but Yuan Hong dared "cry" Xinyi Zhang exhibition. Not only that, Yuan Hong ridicule he did not understand the "wife", two people love to kill, in the end will sabotage. The road is also said: the most do not follow the routine play is the wife of Yuan Hong, two people can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau licensing morning and afternoon break up with Zhang Jingchu show of affection. "We love it" brain hole wide open Yuan Hong Yuan Hong in "funny subtly malicious handy love" we play has been "overbearing president" to show the image, and in the game the whimsical, Yuan Hong subvert the previous refined image distorted markets "pumpkin turned funny expression". This let Sheenah, He Jiong second "eat melon" crowd, exclaimed: "good, my Yuan Hong!" Subsequently, we fall in love with the happy family together with the interpretation of the drama will play, the two teams were carrying an opponent does not take the unusual way to dance. Xinyi Zhang would like to get rid of the shackles of the Yuan Hong, but once again by virtue of wonderful understanding, staged the most unfriendly couple back. Mutual dislike two from head to tail black, let the audience laughed more than! This netizen said: "indeed, since ancient times can not stay deep feelings, only the routines of the people!" Exclusive dialogue Yuan Hong Xinyi Zhang love deep "natural black"相关的主题文章: