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WCBA adds "American top show" Lloyd join the Shanxi women’s basketball team – in 2015 the United States women’s occupation basketball league (WNBA) "top show" jewel? Lloyd joined the Shanxi women’s basketball team. The club for photo Beijing Taiyuan August 31 Xinhua (reporter Hu Jian) China women’s Basketball League (WCBA) Shanxi thinrex women’s basketball club 31 news release, 2015 U.S. women’s occupation basketball league (WNBA) "draft" jewel? Lloyd join the Shanxi women’s basketball team, she is the fourth women’s Basketball League in the United States China landing "draft". Previously, the Shanxi women’s basketball team has helped to achieve the "three consecutive" Maya Moore? Was the 2011 "top show". Now playing for the Beijing women’s basketball Britney? Gelina in 2013 with the first pick by WNBA Feinikesi mercury team selected the season to become the champion". Not long ago, the Shanghai women’s basketball team announced the signing of the 2016 WNBA champion show "Anna Stewart in the new season, Bree?. Lloyd was born in 1993, height of 1.78 meters, she was WNBA in 2015, champion show, the same year won the best rookie Title WNBA. In addition, the same year she also won the ESPNW national athletes, ACC most valuable player, ACC player of the year award. Last season, Lloyd played for the WNBA Seattle storm team, and averaged 10.7 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists and fourth league history 90.4% free throws awarded the WNBA rookie of the year. Last offseason, Lloyd was also in Turkey, Galatasaray team. "She can score, pass the ball, defend, or lead the team." WNBA is now famous coach JeffHouse, such as evaluation. In the WNBA season, three points in the game, the ball she hit rate and 31.7% to 44.5% of the two ball hit rate, make it become the league’s most deadly opponent scorer. "Lloyd is a very positive and hard players. She is always late for training on the pitch and is eager to get advice and advice." Seattle coach JennyBoucek said in an interview, "humility and the desire to win is a signal to become a great player, and Lloyd both have." Earlier, the Shanxi women’s basketball team announced from Italy Marshal Moreau procaccini coaching contract signed?. Moro taught at the Italy women’s Basketball League, the 55 year old coach Parr led the Italy team won the Italy League in seven consecutive years, the coach currently serves as the Nigeria women’s national basketball team. (end)相关的主题文章: