Wang Yafan, a double defeat both singles and doubles Zhang Shuai out in the second round of the

Wang Yafan, a double defeat both singles and doubles Zhang Shuai out into the second round of the women’s singles doubles Wang Yafan lost New York Xinhua News Agency August 31st sports news (reporter Li Bowen) China Jinhua Wang Yafan 31 days at the same time for the US women’s singles and doubles competitions, both lost regret. In this year’s Australian Open into the quarterfinals of the partner Zhang Shuai once the Grand Slam champion Stosur, women’s doubles to advance to the second round. Wang Yafan the same day by 5:7 And 3:6 against Ukraine’s Zhu Lianke, the US missed the third." This is a good preparation, the effect is also good, but later played a little anxious, some pity." The first two people fight to 5:6, the results of Wang Yafan in the twelfth double faults, unfortunately lost set. Second Wang Yafan took the lead in the third inning break, but then the opponent was back breaking, two people fight to 3:3, then Zhu Nelumbonaceae in the key eighth break, and grasp his own ball game. The doubles match is also in full swing, singles after Wang Yafan Liang Chen and partner in the doubles match, 2:6 to regret and lost 4:6 lattice ERGs Adams and Pury J Kurkovva out of the first round. Chinese player Wang Qiang partner Poland 4:6 and lennett 2:6 against Japan combined hotsumi and Kato not only painted Li, also missed the second round. Australia’s partner Zhang Shuai Stosur by 6:4, 2:6 And 6:4 to beat Serbia and Switzerland women’s doubles combination of Jankovic and Connor, the second round of promotion. The US Zhang Shuai’s singles and doubles double battle, which she said: "what a day no physical problem, playing a game, if not also practice, but because before the right arm is injured, so still have to pay attention to." The women’s singles second round tomorrow, Zhang Shuai singles opponent is today’s partner Stosur, for the former Grand Slam champion, Zhang Shuai said: "we will try our best, because we are the occupation player, compared with each other, they will take their best play."相关的主题文章: