Wang Ou Zhuangshan Song Jia The star of the show dressed more than scheming invictus gaming

Wang Ou Zhuangshan Song Jia? The star of the show dressed more than scheming lead: Zhuangshan events were found in Milan women’s week poison editor yesterday, a piece of clothing worn in the two person is what feeling? Here are Wang Ou, Song Jia, and Linda, or do it yourself. (Editor: jeremy–young) come on, find such a thing in the Milan women’s week poison editorial yesterday, please see below everyone to leave. Wang Ou Zhuangshan Song Jia? Wang Ou Zhuangshan Song Jia? Whether it is color or the details of the lace decoration, with a look that is Song Jia Zhuangshan appeared in the ETRO show yesterday, Wang Ou, even the editor himself is almost gone eyes. To the fact that two such clothes show figure in fact this is not the case, careful comparison after the discovery, Song Jia this is a cardigan dress printing on style, and Wang Ou’s body is a type of skirt, and the neckline part details, two pieces of clothing is very different. Come on! How come all dressed star of the show! How to know the star of the show dressed all female stars to see the show clothes but contains a great deal of effort, the first stars of the clothes are made by brand, so you can avoid the first row of zhuangshan. Secondly, provide brand in the choice of clothes often showed the new season, in addition to the stars enjoy exclusive rights, but also to avoid the danger before being worn by other people. So I think so, Zhuangshan chance is less and less. But with a magnifying glass to continue to look for, it was found that such a photo. Linda Liu Wen Linda Liu Wen Zhuangshan Zhuangshan does not mean less impossible, so in the end we continue to see the principle of fault. It’s hard work, we hit it! Tod s yesterday unveiled the "show Linda naked Zhuangshan my cousin Liu Wen, who was dressed in the clothes on the cover of" GQ ". Hailu Qin, Ella unveiled ETRO show Hailu Qin well, forget it, we get. Appeared in the ETRO yesterday except that the editors almost makes mistakes Wang Ou, Ella and Hailu Qin also unveiled a Hailu Qin floral umbrella skirt collocation a jacket, but she just draped over the body, three-dimensional tailoring your shoulders full of heroic spirit, high waist design also stretch ratio. Ella compared to Ella is a bit messy, sweater chiffon dress collocation, the national characteristics of the printing and a head looks a bit messy hair, okay! It’s a bit of a shock to see people. Ma Sichun Ma Sichun to continue fighting to continue fighting the pony brother Ma Sichun continued to appear, she attended the sportmax show, a shoulder jacket in the chest with bow, a high waisted gradient dress collocation of white pointed high-heeled shoes, the little girl out of the sexy office lady feeling. On the day of the most busy non Wang Ou, Ella is the most busy day non Wang Ou, Ella is the most busy yesterday is Wang Ou and Ella, king of相关的主题文章: