Wang Kai 14 years old is not love and Joe Chen hit it off

Wang Kai: 14 years old is not love and Joe Chen hit it off Wang Kai Sina entertainment news on the evening of 9 2016BAZAAR Star Charity Night, Wang Kai [micro-blog] a suit handsome appearance. About the day before the cooperation of Joe Chen [micro-blog], Wang Kai praise, said two people "special compatibility". Previously, the Internet rumors Wang Kai had at the age of 14 with the first love. But Wang Kai did not think that 14 year old Zaolian, earlier is the "early". Sina entertainment: before participating in a lot of programs, how do you feel? Wang Kai: "crossover singer" no regrets, because the table is doing his best to show the maximum effect, the result should be in this show no special care is a what kind of performance, and finally there are many old friends have time together, but also know a lot of new friends, so very happy. Sina entertainment: then what are the attempts to cross the border? Wang Kai: there are many attempts to cross the border, when the specific to see what is more suitable for you, then you are the biggest impulse is the most want to see. Sina entertainment: is there such an impulse? Wang Kai: there is no impulse, now need a good rest, too tired. Sina entertainment: "give up I hold on to me" with Joe Chen how do you feel? Wang Kai: very happy, because Jon very good character, careless, say what our personalities are similar, so together is particularly congenial. Sina entertainment: before the hair with some of Jon’s intimate photos, so users will be very concerned about, do you think it possible to develop? Wang Kai: Ha ha… Or a good friend relationship, are good friends, there are some problems on the job, we will understand, think of ways to help solve some of the problems to think about some of the reference, which does not matter. Sina entertainment circle: Recently several "3S lady" representatives are married, many users also worry about the gold 3S lady feelings Jon. Wang Kai: "3S lady" which is a commendatory terms, because the requirements will be higher, will be more concerned about the emotional problems. Sina entertainment: will you introduce each other to the object? Wang Kai: sure, I haven’t introduced her yet, and she hasn’t helped me. Sina entertainment: the recent exposure of your 14 year old love, so is love? Wang Kai: should not love, age is smaller when there is love, just when the first awakening interest in the opposite sex. Sina entertainment: what are the plans for the next job? Wang Kai: next still filming. Sina entertainment: what time to schedule? Wang Kai: I don’t know the schedule, I know what I can do to work. Sina entertainment: what could it be? Wang Kai: the big screen is a little bigger. (Ran Zhang Dawei)相关的主题文章: