Wang Junkai birthday fans support package LED screen heavily parade Chongqing (video) nlite

Wang Junkai birthday fans support package LED screen heavily parade Chongqing fans support has become a cultural entertainment Tencent (Wen Ding Bing Bing) September 21st TFBOYS captain Wang Junkai 17 years old birthday is coming, as a member of TFBOYS’s first birthday, every birthday project fans under the foot of the mind. This time, Wang Junkai will join the official support magic iibu launched a series of birthday project in Wang Junkai, should coordinate hometown – Chongqing, including Chongqing University middle weight division station advertising, LED screen car Chongqing city tour, Chongqing Dazu stone paraglider. It is reported that the first fans are in the Wang Junkai school near the Chongqing University city road heavy division station put a half a month of advertising, from September 15th to September 28th, the station re division bus passengers can see the advertisement, the fans chose this place, not only hope that passengers can see hope Kai on the way to school. See the mind with the blessing of the fans. In addition, the fans also prepared for the Wang Junkai LED screen Car Parade in Chongqing city. On September 21st, this car ready in advance car LED screen starting from Chongqing Nanping, via Monument for Liberation, Guanyin Bridge and other famous Chongqing district and the building, has been to the main city of Chongqing Yudong direction, around the city tour. The body of the LED screen loop Wang Junkai video performance, Chongqing can see the figure of Wang Junkai high streets and back lanes, the car LED screen along the landmark before stop for pedestrians to watch the pictures, the maximum extent to the people of Chongqing showed the presence of Wang Junkai. Finally, the fans still Chongqing famous national scenic area dragon lake water Dazu stone Wang Junkai presented the idea of paragliding. With best wishes for paragliding over the beautiful scenic area circling, fans have on the green lawn of "WJK", "921" and other words of love and human blessing, and shouted in unison chants "from the beginning to the future, only for Wang Junkai!" That scene is "lucky", "chorus" and other songs read tree. TFBOYS Wang Junkai 17 birthday dance solo相关的主题文章: