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.puters-and-Technology Voice over Internet Protocol. First was the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell had a vision. He saw people .municating over long distances with their own voice, not trough beeps and squeaks. Then came the Internet. A few students and the US military had a vision, somewhat similar to Bells. They saw people .municating over long distances, but this time in writing. And it was from two visions .bined that the future of .munications was born Voice over IP. This type of .munication uses internet data flux to transmit .pressed information from a PC to another or from a VoIP receiver to another. What is available? As time passed and technology developed so did the VoIP providers. Here are a few of them, and what they have to offer. Cosmobridge Gatekeeper CMC3000 CMC(Cosmobridge Multi-point Controller) is the system for configuring VoIP network which has safety, security, and expansion as H.323 Gatekeeper of Cosmobridge. CMC3000, as the programs of performing user authentication, connection of calls, and recording call information, etc. by controlling and managing each Gateway or H.323 terminals scattered and recording data, can manage expanded or modified contents easily providing database and integrated interface. .uniq VoIP SMAS-7200/9000 The SMAS unit was specifically developed to meet the rapidly growing market demand for .petitively priced VoIP systems. It is the ideal solution for Operators, Broadband providers, ISP’s, and the Enterprise Market because it allows users to bypass traditional phone lines and offer long-distance services, or make long-distance calls between .pany sites using their existing, fixed-cost IP network connection. The system is fully accessible from the network connection. VoIP Group ClickToTalk e.Speak e.Speak is a software IP Phone Client easily tailored and customizable. Based on MS Netmeeting engine runs on any Windows based platform and is .pliant with every market standard. 3. Client Phone 3102 Business Phone The 3. 3102 Business Phone offers even the busiest, multi-tasking workers the power and flexibility they need. With the capability to support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or native 3. NBX call control, the phone optimizes voice .munications now and offers investment assurance for future deployments Adore Billing solution ADORE VoIP Billing Adore VOIP Billing is a carrier grade web based real-time prepaid/postpaid billing solution. It also has customer care and reporting system that enables Internet Telephony service providers to provide prepaid/postpaid calling card, pc to phone, pc to pc, and phone to phone service. Adore VOIP Billing has been built as a modular architecture. It has been built keeping in mind the customized nature of the tele. billing industry. The architecture is such that it can scale up the huge volume of traffic depending on the rate of growth of service provider’s network. It has been developed using MS.NET technology and uses MS SQL Server as RDBMS. Nortel Client Phone IP Phone 2004 The Nortel IP Phone 2004 delivers traditional business .munications in a network controlled by a Nortel Business .munications Manager, Meridian 1, .munication Server 1000, .munication Server 1000M or Multimedia .munications Server 5100. The IP Phone 2004 is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ether. connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: