Victims Help Criminals

UnCategorized Mario is a petty thief. He was recently arrested for burglary. During an interview, he revealed to cops how he chooses his victims. He said, most of time you do not have to choose. Your victims come to you. The cops asked, what do you mean? He said they show you what they have. They wear expensive rings and watches. They leave cars unlocked. Many will give you money if you come up with some stupid story. The list goes on and on. I remember this one time; I was planning to rob this lady. I followed her through the mall and to her car. I was planning on snatching her purse. But man, she did all the work for me. She sat the purse on the hood of her car while she went into the trunk. It was easy money. I Just walked up and took it and ran. Then there was this old guy with lots of cash. He went into a store to buy something and I was standing behind him in line. He pulled out his wallet and man there must have been a thousand dollars or more in his wallet. I knew I had to have it, so I followed him back to his car. He took forever to find his keys, so I knew he was an easy target. I just pulled a knife. It almost scared him to death. I took the wallet and left. The police could not believe Mario was telling them all this. They let him continue. He said one of my favorite times was a couple of years ago during the holiday season. I was just sitting around the mall watching people. I was trying to see who made the expensive purchases in jewelry stores. I did not sit too close, usually in a nearby restaurant. I can usually tell what they buy by their reaction at the counter. It is a calculated risk, but most of the time I am right. Anyway, there was this young couple, looks like they were in their early thirties. I immediately picked them out for surveillance. They walked into the jewelry store. They asked the clerk something. She took them away from the other customers, you know the way they treat rich people. She showed them something and I could tell by the womans reaction it was expensive. I know that women know jewelry. I pay lots of attention to the way they act. They made the purchase and I knew it was a gold mine for me. The woman stuffed whatever they purchased in her purse and gave the guy a kiss. It thought bingo. It was a strapped purse and she carried it on her shoulder. All they needed to do was get to the right place and it was mine. Luck was on my side. They decided to stroll down the street and widow shop. I followed them and when the time was right I came running by and snatched the purse. I ran until I thought I was clear. I took off my outer shirt to keep from being identified. I went to an alley took what I wanted out of the purse and threw the rest away. I got money and a necklace that cost 8 thousand dollars. How do I know? I looked at the sales receipt. I sold it for $400.00. I could have probably gotten more but I did not want to risk being caught. Besides, it did not cost me anything. The police completed the interview with Mario. They asked him why he was telling them all this? He said I know you can not charge with any of it, so why not. He was given a 8 year prison sentence for the burglary charge. Criminals know how to choose victims. Do not make it easy for them. Have a self defense and safety strategy in mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: