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Internet-and-Business-Online There are two types of websites which a developer can develop: static and dynamic. Static website is a site where the user of the website cannot modify the contents of the website and can only gain information from it whereas the dynamic website is the opposite of static website. Here, the user can modify some of the contents of the website and interact. The dynamic website can be developed using either the by scripting the client-side or by scripting the server-side. In the client-side scripting, on every event a particular function is performed but in the website itself i.e. on the client side. The event may be like the click of a button or a keystroke on the keyboard or double click of the mouse button on some image, etc. In the server-side scripting the webpage works on the basis of request and response mechanism i.e. when some event occurs its function is performed on the server side and the source of the page changes between the web pages. This makes the order of webpage content or a webpage to change. The .pany decides which type of scripting it requires based on their requirements although most of the dynamic website development uses both client-side scripting as well as server-side scripting. Dynamic website development is necessary as with the advancement in technologies the requirement of the user is increasing day by day. This is one of the reasons why the static websites have no longer remained static. They have been modified into a full fledged dynamic website with the help of programming languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc. By providing a dynamic website to the user, we are making the website more interactive and attractive to use. Elements like flash banners are used in the website to make it more interesting and also interactive to be used. The best examples of these dynamic websites are the online shopping sites which help the users a great deal in purchasing the best stock at the bets prices just by sitting at home. Also online banking is available for bank customers for easy access and transactions which are very much secure. Dynamic website has a main benefit of providing an access to an information base which is properly .anized and systematic. This feature of the dynamic websites provides a very important tool called the content management system. Dynamic website development develop absolute dynamic websites with the essential aspects keeping in mind development cost and timeline. Website development includes the processes and activities which are required in order to develop different websites for different enterprises. In order to provide the required website to a business enterprise, the developer uses different website development tools. These tools may include different versions of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Corel Draw, Media cleaner, etc. Flash provides the web user with small animations; Dreamweaver helps the developer to make the webpage easily as it helps the developer by writing most of the HTML code; Adobe Photoshop is software that helps in the editing of photographs which are to be placed in the website; Corel Draw helps in making banners and figures which are to be placed in the website; Media cleaner acts as a format acceptor. There are many other tools which help in the dynamic website development. These include the Shoutcast server, the Real System G2 Beta server, etc. All features of the quick time format is provided by a tool called Livestage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: