Vanke to Guanyin operation center customized bus D3 Road, the day after tomorrow operation-ca1805

Vanke to Guanyin Mountain operations center custom bus D3 the day after tomorrow belongs to the newspaper news (reporter Xu Jingming correspondent Zuo Linlin Cheng Yi) for the convenience of passengers to Jimei, Xinglin area of the island in the lake in the park, software park two, Guanyin Mountain operations center work, November 7th, the new D3 Road (Vanke – Guanyin Mountain operations center) custom bus lines, the following specific operation scheme: D3 Road (Vanke – Guanyin Mountain operations center) docking site: uplink: Vanke, Chengyi college, pier, tankahkeei stadium bus station, East Software Park, software park, mountain view sound business district, Guanyin Mountain operations center. Downlink: Software Park, software park, two east gate Kuanyinshan business district, Guanyin Mountain operations center, bus station, pier, Chengyi college, tankahkeei stadium in vanke. Ticket price: 10 yuan per ticket system, 40 percent off discount during trial run. Reporters learned that, as personalized, differentiated bus service mode, opened in July this year, D1, D2 line, the current operation is normal. The directions of these routes are: D1A: Convention and Exhibition Center – China World Trade Center new town – City Career Academy – seaside building (MCH) – ferry – north of thought. D1B: North ferry Ferry Building (maternal and child health hospital) – City Career Academy – China World Trade Center new town – Software Park two. D2: Haicang Haicang City Plaza Haicang property – Haicang Construction Bank – Hai Yu Road – Yucai primary school – Software Park East Gate – Software Park (South Gate). City bus group said, compared to other public transport travel mode, customized bus is more comfortable, point to point straight, the line as far as possible to avoid the peak blocking point, fares higher than conventional bus, but cheaper than the taxi. (Xiamen net (micro-blog))

万科里至观音山营运中心 定制公交D3路后天运营本报讯(记者 徐景明 通讯员 左林 林承毅)为方便杏林、集美片区乘客前往岛内湖里高新园、软件园二期、观音山营运中心上下班,11月7日起,新增D3路(万科里-观音山营运中心)定制公交线路,具体运营方案如下:D3路(万科里-观音山营运中心)停靠站点:上行:万科里、诚毅学院、嘉庚体育馆、墩上公交场站、软件园东门、软件园、观音山商务区、观音山营运中心。下行:软件园、软件园东二门、观音山商务区、观音山营运中心、墩上公交场站、嘉庚体育馆、诚毅学院、万科里。票价:一票制10元,试运行期间6折优惠。记者了解到,作为个性化、差异化公交服务方式,今年7月开通的D1、D2线,目前运营正常。这几条线路的走向是:D1A:会展中心-国贸新城-城市职业学院-海滨大厦(妇幼保健院)-轮渡-思北。D1B:思北-轮渡-海滨大厦(妇幼保健院)-城市职业学院-国贸新城-软件园二期。D2(往返):海沧阿罗海城市广场-海沧房产-海沧建行-海裕路-育才小学-软件园东门-软件园(南门)。市公交集团表示,相比其他公共交通出行方式,定制公交的特点是更为舒适,点对点直达,线路尽量避开高峰期堵点,票价比常规公交略高,但比出租车低廉。(厦门网(微博))相关的主题文章: