University teachers for autism children build rehabilitation center

University teachers for autistic children to build a real estate rehabilitation center in September 13th, Du Jiamei is giving children lessons. Reporter Wang Fei photo Name: Du Jiamei age: 43: Huilongguan street community long Ze yuan story: in the rehabilitation training with autistic daughter, Du Jiamei mastered the skills. Now, the daughter of rehabilitation, to help more patients with autism, she sold real estate, the founder of the Beijing City Star hope autism rehabilitation center. Example: the rehabilitation of autistic children most challenging our patience and love, challenge our professional skills. I will be the rehabilitation center as a lifelong career, stick to the last moment, to help more children. Class is over. The children out of the classroom, jumping, some to play slide. The yard, the corridor of the parents hurried to meet, watering, feeding. If not a training room and m.oris Center logo, it is hard to imagine that nearly 70 children from 2 years old to 14 years old, some won’t blow out the candles, some do not clap, some still can not speak. They share a common label: autism. Low social skills, almost no eye contact, lack of language, narrow interests, it is difficult to enter the normal society. These are called "from the stars" of the child, there are tens of thousands of Beijing. In 2011, Du Jiamei, a university teacher, sold the property and founded the hope autism rehabilitation center. She was the mother of an autistic child, and now she is the mother of hundreds of stars. My daughter is "children of the stars" we thought that social interaction is inherent to each person, which would have thought there is a group of children, parents spend all their savings, is for them to see, they shout in the name to answer many years later, Du Jia had realized that her daughter Xuan Xuan from birth, many autistic symptoms were evident, it was because of his own lack of experience, judgment is not very good. Daughter quiet love to laugh, do not love to play with friends, she is always thoughtful, not seriously, think of "Xuan Xuan high, think about, so deep". Until two and a half years after an accidental screening kindergarten, Du was informed that her daughter with autism. The doctor said that this disease is the development of neurological disorders accompanied by a lifetime, no cure, can only do rehabilitation training. The daughter of knowing a lot of words, is a "genius", how to have autism? Du Jiamei was desperate. Xuan Xuan sleeping in a dream called "mother", she wiped away tears ran. My daughter was asleep, eyes closed quietly, slightly upturned mouth, seemed to smile. Is it a dream of my mother to buy what delicious? Holding her daughter’s little hand, she made up her mind to overcome this terrible devil". Do rehabilitation training in the professional institutions, Du Jiamei still feel not enough, she bought a lot of books day and night reading, and learn the training methods, personally to the daughter "class". Blow out the candles is the first skill Xuan Xuan learning. Du Jiamei point two candles, with a very exaggerated mouth blows out before him, let her imitation. "At first, the daughter did not know the blow of the action can put out the candle, do not know this相关的主题文章: