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TV is the first Daguai upgrade smiled very "Qingcheng" – hit entertainment Sohu in August 22nd, according to Gu Long Novel of the same name, directed by the famous director Lin Yufen, Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, Mao Xiaotong starring urban youth idol drama "smiled very little" in the whole network independent broadcast youku. The first domestic drama drama game effects first, leading the audience repeatedly shuttle in the two or three dimension, not only to watch the youth idol "beauty", but also experience the game exquisite picture. "Smiled very little" tells the story of a pair of lovers in the online world situation soon encounter the real campus with a romantic love story of love. Only the launch time of two days, in the play, IP, high Yan value quickly ignited the passion of many viewers. According to statistics, the play on the line less than 48 hours, Youku playback volume over 630 million, double the number in the barrage of up to 110 thousand, for TV drama smiled very little for micro-blog to occupy the hot topic list first, the topic of smiled very little BIGDAY occupy different time drama the first hot list a Baidu index peak even exceeded 1 million 970 thousand, the show’s remarkable popularity. It is understood that, "smiled very little" story is mainly composed of two parts, one part is known as the real world, is part of a virtual game world. In order to show a different reality and game style, the producers invited to create "Ji", "catch demon days" lion films such as the VFX team invested a total of more than 350 people, and a comprehensive collection of material, and the lens was one adjustment, let the whole picture is true and beautiful. According to a specific person in charge, in order to give the audience a perfect presentation of the two parts of different effects, the team will "smile of the game world and the real world do clearly Qingcheng", let the audience walk in two worlds have a completely different feeling, whether from the props, costumes and scenery, other tasks and even dialogue have joined the many elements of the game. In the game world, special party deliberately avoided the sense of reality, in addition to the game scene, the flavor of the monster, will also face actor has done a major change, so that one can more into the game world, but also can distinguish between different actors and the real world, and hope to all the audience in a slightly "smile very little" game world back to the thought of his memorable memory game. In the TV series the emergence of a large number of game scene, let the audience to stop the game what is it? According to the "smile" very little crew, the game scene drama with the real background of the game, other games are from the role of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang in the game, and there are a lot of game player is still in the brush strange team upgrade in the game. "And smiled very little" to restore the height of fighting and life scenes of the game, supplemented by special team elaborate picture, let the audience in the game, brought back many audience yearning for the game; game player is on his love of the game appeared in the TV series and have a strong curiosity in the play, so that the game player and TV viewers with a high degree of coincidence. The depth of the combination of TV plays and games.相关的主题文章: