Trump came to power, from the disappointment in the wake of the Silicon Valley, really will usher in

Trump came to power, from the disappointment in the wake of the Silicon Valley, really will usher in the end? After the results of the election of Sohu science and technology has been settled, has been a massive anti Sichuan banner of Silicon Valley completely into anxiety. This is not the time people realized that even Hitler can grasp the true power of the feeling?" Pincus, founder of Zynga, a social gaming service provider, Mark on the Twitter. "The worst thing that ever happened to me was that I felt that way. I’m sure we’ll get through, but not yet." Vc firms Y Combinator chairman Sam Altman also revealed a strong disappointment on the Twitter, after the update of a number of Twitter recorded its desperate process. Hyperloop One super high iron co-founder Shervin Pishevar has always been the style of bold and outspoken, even declared at the final election results, California should be independent from the United states. Silicon Valley has clouded, but to win the victory of Trump was whipped up a whirlwind swept through Silicon Valley, had less politicians think highly of the Silicon Valley elite, are very enthusiastic about politics overnight. Silicon Valley’s elite have attacked Trump bluntly, but are not limited to the impact of the election results on their companies, but the u.s.. Silicon Valley has always been very clear about the election. According to statistics company Center for Responsive Politics data, this campaign, the U.S. technology industry for Hilary’s campaign funds to support 114 times to the Trump. In April of this year’s developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg took the lead with the tough rhetoric criticism "sb" suppression policy for technology companies, of course, there is no name Zuckerberg. As an action response, Facebook co-founder Dustin immediately with $20 million campaign funds to support Hilary. In addition, Salesforce CEO Benioff, chairman Reid Hoffman and other anti faction representatives are also used to provide financial support to Hilary way to express the refusal of the attitude of the Trump. Of course, Silicon Valley’s attitude is not entirely "miserable and gloomy atmosphere Wanli coagulation". Thiel, the famous Silicon Valley elite, "", Peter, co-founder of PayPal, wrote excitedly in Twitter: "congratulations to President Donald ·! It’s going to be very difficult for him to start, because we haven’t been looking at the country for too long. Now we need to unite." A white open meeting on the campaign map of the Blue Bo相关的主题文章: