Transfer vehicle parking lot in Nanning that a woman 20 thousand yuan fraud webquest

Transfer vehicle parking lot in Nanning that a woman to defraud more than 20 thousand yuan of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Lu Di     Lu Shi) Nanning women’s song, the fictional Nanning City Xinmin Road Wangfujing, Nanjing road Nanning city trading market and other multiple electric vehicle parking management rights transfer, charge 3000 yuan to 8000 yuan the transfer fee to the lessee, defrauded a total of 20 thousand yuan. Recently, Nanning Jiangnan District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of fraud song. The song is 60 years old, who lives in Nanning City, North Road, XiXiangTang District at. At the beginning of June this year, a song by the workers in Fujian Momou Park Jiangnan district 30 building near the store know more than a cotton processing. She told Yu said, has invested in a new area of Xingning Xinmin Road, a parking lot, she also has a new car on the road in Xingning District, near the electric car parking lot to transfer, asked whether there is no interest in taking over 3. In order to successfully cheat Yu Mou, song also with a certain address to the above visited a circle, just point to a municipal block up the construction of the place, saying it is the electric car park decoration. After some bargaining, two to $3000 turnover. After taking the money, the song on the spot to the more than a receipt and covered with "Nanning City People’s livelihood service vehicle management office" stamp transfer. According to the confession, from March to June this year, the song "fake Nanning Minsheng work vehicles management office official seal stamped in the fake" electric field custody transfer book ", a vehicle parking lot management right transfer in fictional Nanning City Xinmin Road Wangfujing, Nanjing Road trading site, not only to more than one charge transfer fee 8200 yuan, but also to its workers Momou charge 8800 yuan, more than a nephew Zhang to charge 3000 yuan, a total of 20 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: