TOYOTA’s chat robot can soothe your lonely heart

TOYOTA’s chat robot can soothe your lonely heart? The Verge Chinese station on October 4th reported that if you know TOYOTA’s various cars and products, then you certainly do not know TOYOTA actually has the strength of R & D robots. Now, Kirobo Mini robot is the world’s largest car company was first released at the Tokyo auto show last year, has been officially confirmed in the next year will be officially on sale. The robot is priced at 39800 yen (about RMB 2590). In fact, this Kirobo Mini is a mini version of TOYOTA’s Kirobo robot, and Kirobo is TOYOTA in 2013 with the Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata to achieve the international space station mission robot. The significance of space on the Kirobo is not just a simple appearance, but want to achieve a more realistic goal. Yes, Kirobo’s purpose is to be able to accompany the astronauts to spend a long and difficult space time. The Kirobo Mini is also a chat robot, its height is about 10 cm, with a pair of big eyes, chest has a TOYOTA logo. It has a built-in camera, microphone and Bluetooth, and smart phones can be connected. The Kirobo Mini is able to identify people with different emotions, and according to the owner’s emotions and expressions to respond to achieve chat in different scenarios. When the content of the conversation becomes complex, it can also be based on cloud processing to reduce stagnation time. Behind the Kirobo Mini is the voice recognition and communication service known as the TOYOTA center system. For example, when in the car, if the driver brakes, then Kirobo Mini can immediately issued a surprise, and talk with the owner, to prevent the driver fatigue driving, do not doze off. In addition, TOYOTA said Kirobo Mini can also be used to comfort those who have no children of the elderly, can alleviate the Japanese to appear because of the low birth rate of elderly people in Japan caused psychological pressure. Kirobo Mini can be like a toddler like walking around, baby sitting posture, alleviate the psychological needs of the elderly. In addition to the need to connect with the smart phone, Kirobo Mini also need to pay 300 yen (about $20) subscription fee per month. It is reported that TOYOTA will debut this month at the CEATEC Tokyo exhibition. (original author: Sam Byford compiler: Human) Click to view the original相关的主题文章: