Tibet Mount Everest trading strong yejiyuzeng 1911.93%-2145.88%-unfccc

Tibet Mount Everest 1911.93%-2145.88% Chinese strong trading yejiyuzeng Economic Net Beijing on February 4th morning news, Tibet Mount Everest trading, as of press time at 15.97 yuan. According to the Tibet Mount Everest announcement said, after Tibet Mount Everest industrial Limited by Share Ltd financial management center preliminary estimates, the year 2015 is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 172 million yuan to 192 million yuan, with the same period last year attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 8 million 549 thousand yuan (statutory disclosure data), will increase 1911.93%-2145.88%. The company purchased 100% equity of tower Mining Co., Ltd. in August 12, 2015 completed the asset transfer, and in August 20, 2015, China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch completed the registration process of shares. The company acquired 100% stake in the mining in the tower, the business combination under the same control, according to the provisions of the "enterprise accounting standards", the company were retrospectively adjusted over the same period last year comparative data, net profit adjusted 2014 attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 267 million 235 thousand and 300 yuan, is expected in 2015 annual net profit attributable to the listed and adjustment the shareholders of the company after compared to the same period last year, will be reduced by 35.64%-28.15%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

西藏珠峰强势涨停 业绩预增1911.93%-2145.88%   中国经济网北京2月4日讯 早盘,西藏珠峰涨停,截止发稿报15.97元。   据西藏珠峰公告称,经西藏珠峰工业股份有限公司财务管理中心初步测算,预计2015年度实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润约为17,200万元到19,200万元,与上年同期归属于上市公司股东的净利润854.90万元(法定披露数据)相比,将增加1911.93%-2145.88%之间。   公司收购塔中矿业有限公司100%股权已于2015年8月12日完成了资产过户,并于2015年8月20日在中国证券登记结算有限公司上海分公司办理完毕了股份登记手续。本公司收购塔中矿业100%股权,属于同一控制下企业合并,根据《企业会计准则》的规定,公司对上年同期对比数据进行了追溯调整,调整后的2014年归属上市公司股东的净利润为26,723.53万元,预计2015年年度实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润与调整后的上年同期相比,将减少35.64%-28.15%之间。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: