They are working undercover in shooting Changshu child feel useless – public

Undercover shooting " Changshu child: " they think work is useless – public channel in November 21st, a section called "Changshu child industry: Youth" press as the video exposure of the China clothing are Jiangsu Changshu some small workshops in the use of child labor phenomenon: intermediary to sell children the local garment factory in Yunnan, the daily working time more than 15 hours, wages at the end of a node, only 800 yuan per month living expenses, there are people who want to run, the boss put his ID card, bank card, mobile phone confiscated, and even the use of violence. On the evening of 21, Jiangsu Province, the government of Changshou City through the official said micro-blog has been involved the control law, and forensic investigation. According to the investigation, the workshop in the video for unlicensed unlicensed workshops. The next day the media reported that the city has been the investigation found that 8 suspected child temporarily sent to the local secondary school placement classes, to send them home after handling events. These workers do not work overtime for over 15 hours a day, do not finish the work can not go to work, not only reported not to help the poor, with the video caused widespread concern, the question also followed the sound. "Changshu child" video of the photographer old Han told reporters, the children go out to work, not because of poverty at home can not afford to go to school, but feel useless, "out of work can make money, but also by the village peers’ envy ‘, although very tired, but also do not want to go back". How do you find the phenomenon of child labor when you work for an hour or more minutes a day? Old Han: a party, a clothing factory and relatives about two months ago just turned workers are not good, the cost is very high. He said that many bosses are from Yunnan, Guizhou to buy some workers over there, age is relatively small. I think it’s weird, I’ve never touched it before, and I think it’s a dark phenomenon. Reporter: when are you going to take this video? Old Han: September made some site visits, undercover before I have met a lot of child labor, feel more and more shocking. I’ve never done that kind of physical activity, and I feel tired. My relatives say it’s normal in Changshu. Later, I would like to try a few days, and children who make friends, to learn more information. Reporter: so you’re going to make unannounced visits to the workshop? Old Han: at the end of September, I asked the garment factory owner lack workers, boss wanted dry, is actually very simple. Because they lack of workers, some people take the initiative to come, not to pay agency fees, welcome. Reporter: at that time the number of wages is? Old Han: the boss said wages between 2500 to 3000. Reporter: was there a time to find a target? Old Han: at that time visited a two, to see some of the workers in the workshop is relatively small, obviously adults, did not go. I went to do this, to the time when the feeling inside the faces are very young, then I worked here. Reporter: undercover when subjects know? What happened in the process? Old Han: most of the room相关的主题文章: