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There is a good color to save money and tell you the coconut coconut body is a treasure of cheap skin care less coconut oil is the whole universe the most healthy oil and coconut oil (COCONUT OIL) from copra (dried), white or light yellow fat, more than 50% of the ingredients are lauric acid, nature exists only in breast milk and a few the food, is beneficial and harmless to human body. In the western developed countries, it is called "the healthiest oil on the earth"". There are a lot of coconut skin care products, oh, coconut oil is known to be able to replace cleansing oil to remover, as skin care oil, as well as whitening the efficacy of teeth. In fact, coconut oil for beauty effect is very much, especially in the anti-aging effect is very good, it has a strong antioxidant capacity, can help the body to prevent free radical production. Topical application can moisturize the skin, regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, improve the dry skin, eliminate wrinkles, acne and dandruff, protect the skin from ultraviolet damage. Allergic skin can also enhance the adaptability of the skin, relieve lip rupture, sun, frostbite, diaper rash and gingivitis. The best oral "immortal water" best oral "immortal water" as a direct drink of fruit, coconut water does not seem to be concerned about. In fact, coconut water is rich in fat, protein, growth hormone, vitamins and a large number of essential trace elements of the human body. Often drinking, can not only add the fluid inside the cell, expansion of blood volume, nourish the skin, with beauty, also has a strong exclusiveness of toxins, can effectively and timely accumulation of toxins from the body. In addition, coconut water also has the effect of improving energy, maintaining brain clarity and physical strength, but there is no caffeine side effects, if you often need coffee to refresh the crowd, you may try. Coconut nutrients light diet nutrition best partner coconut best partner with multi light diet advocated more and more, we are aware of the importance of light diet. From the point of view of nutrition, light diet can best reflect the true flavor of food, and preserve the nutrients of food to the greatest extent. But (hit the blackboard!) The correct light diet is not vegetarian, but refers to less oil, less sugar, less salt, non spicy diet, that is, the taste is relatively light. Often drink Coconut Juice thrown away the coconut actually contains rich nutrition, protein composition and the content of most vegetables, but also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, fresh coconut and copra end is a very good source of cellulose, a cup of copra end contains about 9 grams of fiber, fruits and vegetables, more than four times, can promote the normal operation of the digestive tract, is the best partner of light diet.

省钱还有好肤色 举个椰子告诉你椰子全身都是宝 廉价护肤不能少椰子油是全宇宙最最健康的油 椰子油(COCONUT OIL)得自椰子肉(干),为白色或淡黄色脂肪,50%以上的成份是月桂酸,自然界只有在母乳及少数食物中存在,对人体有百益而无害。在西方发达国家被称作“地球上最健康的油”。含有椰子成分的护肤品也有很多哦椰子油被大家熟知的是可以代替卸妆油来卸妆、当做护肤油,以及美白牙齿的功效。其实椰子油对于美容的功效非常多,尤其在抗老化的效果上非常好,它有很强的抗氧化能力,能帮助人体防止自由基的产生。经常外敷可以滋润皮肤、调整皮脂腺的分泌、改善干燥肤质、消除皱纹、粉刺和头屑、保护皮肤不受紫外线的伤害。过敏肤质还可以增强肌肤的适应性,舒缓嘴唇破裂,日晒、冻伤、尿布疹和齿龈炎。最佳内服“神仙水”最佳内服“神仙水”作为可以直接饮用的水果,椰子中的水似乎并不受关注。其实椰子水含有丰富的脂肪、蛋白质、生长激素、维生素和大量的人体必需的微量元素。经常饮用,不仅能够补充细胞内液,扩充血容量,滋润皮肤,具有驻颜美容作用,还对体内的毒素具有强烈的排他性,能够及时有效地将体内积累的毒素排出体外。另外,椰子水还具有提升精力、保持脑补清醒以及充沛体力的效果,却毫无咖啡因的副作用,如果经常需要喝咖啡来提神的人群不妨一试。椰肉营养多 清淡饮食最好搭档椰肉营养多 清淡饮食最好搭档随着越来越多的提倡,大家都已知晓清淡饮食的重要性。从营养学角度,清淡饮食最能体现食物的真味,最大程度地保存食物的营养成分。但是(敲黑板!),正确的清淡饮食并不是一味吃素,而是指少油、少糖、少盐、不辛辣的饮食,也就是口味比较清淡。经常喝完椰汁就被扔掉的椰子其实含有非常丰富的营养,其所含的蛋白质成分与大部分蔬菜相当,还含有多种维生素与矿物质。除此之外,鲜椰子和椰肉干末都是很好的纤维素来源,一杯椰肉干末约含9克纤维,比一般蔬菜、水果多三、四倍,可以促进消化道的正常运行,是清淡饮食的最好搭档。相关的主题文章: