The United States and India signed a defense agreement between the two armies can supply and repair

The US India defense agreement signed military mutual replenishment and maintenance – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, according to foreign media reports, India and the United States this month 29 days to sign a formal agreement, the US India military will be able to supply and maintenance and use each other’s military base. Experts said that although there is no special defense cooperation agreement, but for the sensitive India politics is of great political significance, called the United States India defense relations development milestone". The United States Secretary of defense Carter and Secretary of defense Parika India held a joint press conference that the signing of this agreement will "make joint action of the logistics work more convenient and more effective". Parika said, this agreement will allow India and the United States Navy easier to support each other in joint operations, military exercises and humanitarian relief operations. Parika twice a year to visit Washington and New Delhi to strengthen security cooperation, Carter and Parika agreed in April this year signed an agreement in principle, but the two sides have not signed the agreement, the sharing of logistics resources and maritime security communication protocol data exchange agreement. The United States and other security partners have signed these cooperation agreements. New Delhi is worried about these protocols is equivalent to allow American troops in India, or as a military alliance with the United States, which will weaken the tradition of India autonomy. Carter will strengthen military ties between the United States and India as the top priority, last year set up a special department in The Pentagon to promote cooperation with India. The Parika to visit the United States, he is the second time in less than a year to visit the United States, is also the Parika and Carter sixth meeting. Schwartz, of the India chamber of Commerce in the United States, said the signing of the logistics resources agreement shows that the government of India’s prime minister, Mr Modi, has attached greater importance to closer ties with the United states. Schwartz, director of India affairs at The Pentagon, said: "over the years, the India media have a lot of misleading information about these agreements. The signing of the agreement shows modi government is willing to undertake short-term political criticism, in exchange for long-term interests with the United States to establish defense relations." Carter stressed that the sharing of logistics resources and Parika by common consent agreement does not allow American troops in India. Carter said: "this is not a military agreement."相关的主题文章: