The United States and a white policeman shot a black young people in the event – Beijing launched vi wetnwild

The United States and a white policeman shot a black young people in the event – Beijing launched a vigil in the US state of Ohio and a white policeman shot a black youth event. 14 evening, Columbo in the eastern part of the city, with air guns 13 year old black teenager Kim was a police McIntyre? White police shot and died. In the face of this tragedy, some people started vigil, gold family lawyer Theil? On this case independent investigation. Columbo, 15, said the police received a public report on the evening of 14, said the occurrence of armed robbery case. The victim described several suspects over to him for money, one suspected gunman, he was robbed of $10. According to the police, after receiving the report, police officers rushed to the scene and found 3 men with the informant description of the suspect, then approached the investigation, but two of them rushed to escape. The police chased an alley, trying to arrest two people, one of the suspects, namely the Theil? Gold from the waist pulled out a suspected pistol, a policeman rushed to his gun bursts. McIntyre? Kim was taken to the hospital, but died. The police later confirmed that the gold held by Theil? Is not genuine, but with a laser sight air gun (BB gun), but its shape resembles a police pistol. This case is under further investigation, the police said, someone’s police did not have a camera equipped with, it is unclear whether the event is near the monitoring equipment records. "Hard to imagine" [] in the face of this tragedy, Theil’s lawyer Sean family? Gold? Walton questioned the police, and police witnesses pointed out that different, the lawyer also called for an independent investigation into this case. "According to Walton, Kim? In many sports. The school was also elected to the" Young Scholars "program, the family" unimaginable "Theil? Kim will involved in the armed robbery case. On the evening of 15, dozens of people came to the shooting incident near the night, they are holding the slogan, calling for justice. These include the Theil? Football team was the gold and the coach. The coach said the 13 year old’s "smile" could light up the whole room". The police reported that the white police shot Brian, 9 years old, has recently been transferred to the area where the shooting occurred in the case of. At present, Mason has been suspended, pending investigation. "The results show that (BB gun) is not able to live ammunition weapon," Columbo city police chief Kim? Jacobs 15, said at a press conference, and show a BB gun photo, "but this gun and US police carry firearms (shape) looks almost the same. As to the murder weapon." Jacobs called on people to calm, and promised to investigate the case thoroughly. Columbo mayor Andrew genther? Said that this tragedy is the social reflection. "Our country is a problem, spread to the city of Columbo street," genther said 15 "guns and violence)相关的主题文章: