The ultimate travel underwear wearing a few days to wear anti wear and no taste shishangqiyi

The ultimate travel is wearing underwear: Anti – wear a few days do not change nor taste from everybody will be told mom, pay attention to personal hygiene to wash wash underwear, but lazy cancer once the attack is feeling hollowed out don’t want to move. So clever as you, but can not wash frequently change ah, you have to buy a ten underwear experience. However, you can not go out to travel with a bag of underwear to go out, if you can not wash a few days will not have the taste of underwear? Well, you really do have this kind of underwear, the latest one called SmartGrip underwear, known as the ultimate travel underwear". Since known as the ultimate travel underwear, so its ultimate meaning in where? First, SmartGrip uses a high-tech fabrics, internally implanted pure yarn, but also has the ability to prevent bacterial decomposition of bacteria. This also means that you wear this pair of underwear for a few days do not change will not smell, of course, will not lead to disease. Of course is to pay attention to a comfortable underwear, SmartGrip uses the naive Australia wool, 17.5 micron superfine fiber is very soft, coupled with high performance on a small amount of material, to ensure the elasticity and durability as their underwear. Some people worry about wearing tight pants will not become more and more tight because of the activity, this is not to worry about. According to reports, the SmartGrip at the bottom of trousers integrates some soft silicone material, friction and thigh skin, reduce leg slip phenomenon, do not have to worry about paozhaopaozhe trousers to slide on the fans of the embarrassing. SmartGrip now raise the price about 182 yuan a, of course, compared with ordinary underwear is a bit expensive, but a few days can not wash do not change will not have any underwear who don’t want to smell it! Travel in particular, do not have to go out with a pile of underwear. However, SmartGrip can only meet the demand of male friends, may be given to the physiological structure of the problem, many girls may still have to wash.相关的主题文章: