The two part part-time teachers each semester teaching time of not less than 80 hours

The two sector: 15, according to the news website of the Ministry of education, the day before the part-time teachers per semester at the time of not less than 80 hours – Beijing, Beijing, November, Ministry of education, Ministry of Finance jointly issued "on the implementation of the quality of teachers occupation colleges to improve the plan (2017 – 2020).". "Opinions" put forward, the key for strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries and other countries need special professional and technical skills to accumulate professional, occupation colleges support the establishment of a number of part-time teachers special jobs, hiring enterprise high skill talents and engineering management personnel, skilled craftsmen until the school, part-time teachers per semester at the time of not less than 80 hours. "Opinions" put forward the goals and tasks, in 2017 and 2020, the organization occupation college teachers’ principal hierarchical classification in national training, promote local planning, step-by-step implementation of a five year cycle of training for all teachers, improve the teachers of "double qualification" and principals of school governance ability; support the development of secondary and higher vocational college teachers team, application research and collaborative innovation, to create a number of professional skills in Higher Vocational Teachers’ innovation demonstration team; promote the teachers and staff two-way exchanges and cooperation, the establishment of teacher to the practice of enterprise and enterprise personnel to the school to teach part-time normalization mechanism, through demonstration leading, innovation mechanism, focus on promoting, to improve the overall quality of teachers in Colleges and universities and the construction of occupation the level, speed up the completion of a noble morality, excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, reasonable structure, and node The high quality and specialized "double qualified teachers". "Opinions" put forward, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) selection have the qualifications of the teachers’ training and training base, large and medium-sized enterprises, take the school enterprise cooperation, alternation, online and offline, forms of organization, carry out the teacher training model of hierarchical classification. The training course will be set to be modular, morality, artisan spirit, the "double" education, information technology training included in the compulsory content, centralized full-time study and network independent training combined, to carry out pre training diagnosis, training evaluation, training assessment, strengthen teachers’ moral cultivation, professional knowledge and practical skills to update accumulation and improve teaching ability. Key support for a new generation of information technology, biotechnology, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries and agriculture, planting and breeding industry, traditional process industry poverty alleviation and teacher training. Encourage and support qualified local outstanding teachers selected principal to the country (territory) to study, learning skills education concept, teaching methods and means of advanced technology occupation in developed countries and regions. Professional leaders leading capacity training. The organization occupation colleges with intermediate professional titles, presided over the relevant scientific research and teaching reform project or project professional leaders, to take centralized face-to-face, returning to practice again, face to face the alternating manner, for a period of not less than 4 weeks of training, focus on enhancing teachers team work ability, application technology research and development and promotion ability, Curriculum Development Department of technology, scientific research ability, cultivate a group of professional leading level, training of teaching team can chuanbangdai "seed" teacher. "Double Teachers" professional skills training. Organizing Vocational Colleges in different levels and basic levels.相关的主题文章: