The truth cancer immunity force and cancer! Immune disorders is the culprit – Fujian channel, people chompoo araya

The truth: cancer immunity force and cancer! Immune disorders is the culprit – Fujian channel — society on cancer may think that it is the biggest mistake because of low immunity, improve immunity against cancer, so selling health care products, food for cancer patients, as long as with "immunity", became very popular. Because people always think: immunity is not possible? In fact, immunity is not equal to anti-cancer. Immunity is not possible with low immunity is not good, easy to cause the bacteria and virus infection, but too high is also harmful to human disease. The immune response is too strong, destructive force is too large, prone to lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and other refractory autoimmune diseases and allergies, so the immunity is not possible. We have experienced several serious infectious diseases, from "SARS" to the recent "Moss" ("Middle East respiratory syndrome"), during which there is "bird flu" and so on. The occurrence of these diseases has a characteristic: the same infection, the child’s condition is often lighter, higher than the cure rate of adults. Few children died because of the disease. Arguably: the child’s immunity as an adult, but how not to death? The reason lies in their immunity as adults, the immune response is not strong, and the enemy (bacteria) fight, can mobilize the power is limited, "fighting" no adults like that intense, its scale is much smaller, so the physical damage is small. Before the onset of immunity is not necessarily low clinically, most patients with cancer occur in those very sturdy body, rarely sick (including colds) people, on the contrary, those very sickly, motionless on a cold sick, but seldom have cancer! This is a well known fact. Can it be explained with low immunity? Obviously, this can not be justified. Immune disorders is the culprit in the occurrence and development of cancer, but with immune surveillance and clearance (immunologics urveillance) function is closely related to other parts of the immune system, the same with general disease. Strictly speaking, it is immune disorders, leading to the occurrence and development of cancer. However, with the adjustment of immunity against cancer, people still send a great hope, but the reality is the problem that this theory can not good enough, through scientific experiments test; although many speak therapy, but the actual effect is used as if it were raining flowers, disappointing, can only hope to break through.相关的主题文章: