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The traditional industries can be realized how? He VR offers a series of application solutions – Sohu technology in ten days before the start of the conference, VR CEO Xiao Jieyong began to wander in the countdown to the circle of friends every day. From between the lines is not difficult to see his tension and expectation, and until the start of the conference before the moment, the staff repeatedly debugging equipment is still on the stage. In the afternoon of the wandering VR Industry Application Strategy Conference, regardless of education or tourism, real estate, wandering "and the rain descends, provides customized content for different industry solutions. VR Jieyong for Shaw is "now", the team had made a name for the contents of the imr360 platform, but later found that the current VR consumer market to gradually improve, "at least two years", so to do to B industry application solutions, from which this conference remarkable. VR game as the most interactive form, it has naturally become the Jieyong Xiao attempt: adhering to the principle of light interactive simulation, mainly in tourism and education solutions, application of VR game of the. At the meeting, Shoj introduced the national Forest Park is Xuefeng custom VR game "battle of Xuefeng Mountain", according to the introduction, this game is based on the Hunan province Hongjiang this 4A class tourist attractions, the Anti Japanese war in 1945 the battle of Xuefeng mountain as the background, the seven days war concentrated in seven minutes and seven seconds inside the game. Telford fund chairman Dr. You Mingcai said at the meeting that the current VR industry technology is not mature, they choose to invest come and go to "Travel + VR" content in this node, but also for VR as a way to present tourist attractions, "as an important part of global tourism strategy". According to the State Department Director of Forest Park management Xuefengshan Jiang Guangming said, the future will be converted to other excellent IP the VR content of the Xuefeng Mountain Scenic spot. In the field of experience it seems that the overall effect of the game is not very smooth demonstration, and perhaps the game is too difficult to set too high, even the staff can not smooth clearance. However, wandering VR provides a new attempt to cash the contents for many traditional IP. Tourist attractions with cultural background and characteristics of their own, leaving a lot of excellent IP resources, but the content is to visitors to feel personally on the scene? Also not so much. He will travel with IP VR content, the way to the game show, in space from one step closer to users. And with the awareness of IP, users can also promote the idea of scenic tour. Education and real estate VR content from wandering display, can be realized not only the content of tourism. Chinese chairman of the alliance of small town construction Feng Jinlong that allows users to participate in experience is the most important reason for their layout showings, VR content will replace sand table model, brochures and traditional pictures. But Shoj was also at the helm.相关的主题文章: