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The tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the tomb of the sea: the remains of hundreds of gold cake – Sohu news map for the Han Dynasty in Nanchang, Hou Liu tomb tomb excavation site. Data figure Liu Zhankun photo taken for a large number of gold cake unearthed from the tomb of liu. (map) Guo Jing photo Beijing, Nanchang in October 9,   (reporter Liu Zhankun) Liu He remains under the remaining teeth, 100 gold cake; the main coffin stripped out more than 5000 pieces of bamboo, the successful interpretation of many books content…… 9 afternoon, the Jiangxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture, Jiangxi Province Cultural Relics Bureau jointly held a press conference informed of the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty, the state of the archaeological excavation of the protection and utilization of. "The press conference marked the end of more than five years, the collection of emperor, king, Hou in Nanchang, the Western Han Dynasty, the tomb of the tomb of the tomb of Liu feng." Chi Hong, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture. Nanchang sea Han tomb is faint Hou Liu He saved Chinese found so far the best and most complete structure, the functional layout of the most clear, have the most complete sacrificial system of the Western Han Dynasty liehou cemetery. After more than 5 years, the tomb unearthed bronze, gold and silver, jade, bamboo and wooden slips and other kinds of precious cultural relics in 1 Wan Yujian (sets), large quantity and variety of the tomb were a Chinese archaeology. Chi Hong said that the current sea of cultural relics protection faint Hou tomb continues, "archaeological experts and cultural relics protection experts are still trying to clean 2000 years of silt, to get as much information from history; also spelled the patient and repair broken pottery, bronze, to have more cultural relics show in front of everyone." Liu He coffin basic archaeological Department launched a comprehensive clean-up in place of sea faint Hou Liu He coffin archaeological laboratory clean-up procedures, after five months of continuous disposal, sample analysis, samples, process protection, image recording, showing the effect of series operation, currently has the Liu He coffin basic cleaning in place, inside and outside the coffin composite structure is combing. He said the red pool, Liu coffin tomb remains faintly visible traces and exquisite gold funerary paint box. From the head to the abdomen are visible the remains of the cladding, and a plurality of pieces of jade jade and jade sizes with swords, knives and other books, the jade belt hook; inscribed "Liu He" the name of the jade seal is impressively at the waist. Liu He cleaned found lying on the glass table with a silk thread, and the remaining teeth, glass mat placed under isometric emission of 100 pieces of glittering gold cake. Chi Hong said, so, the sea tomb unearthed faint Hou gold number up to 478, is an archaeological China most. At the same time, experts on the coffin paint box remains was analyzed by X optical imaging technology, also found that there are exquisite agate beads, gilt bronze boxes, exquisite jade piece decorated with jade, bronze plaque etc.. The successful extraction of more than 5000 pieces of bamboo slips off "on the bamboo slips, but also constantly surprises", Chi Hong said, after a hard protective treatment and stripping work, archaeologists have successfully stripped out more than 5000 pieces of bamboo, the bamboo slips off infrared scanning, the original handwriting gradually fade out, through the preliminary text interpretation now, read the release of "Analects of Confucius", "book of changes", "book of Rites" books "" wins "colored food.相关的主题文章: