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The Supreme Law: land requisition compensation standard is obviously low to reasonable compensation – News Agency of the new network in Beijing on 29 November, two (Wang Jing) on the strengthening of the judicial protection of IPR in the opinions of the Supreme People’s Court issued 29 China stressed that a reasonable grasp of the expropriation for public interest, public interest, and resolutely prevent the expansion. Compensation for land expropriation and housing demolition standards are obviously low, we should use a variety of ways to make fair and reasonable compensation. On the same day, the Supreme People’s court held a news conference to introduce "the Supreme People’s Court on giving full play to trial functions and strengthen the judicial protection of IPR in the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") and "the Supreme People’s Court on the law and properly handle the history of the formation of the property rights case work implementation opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Two views on forced evictions and demolitions involve property rights such as "mingaoguan" hot topic responded. "Opinions" Tenth provisions, according to the law to hear the case of property expropriation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the expropriated. "A reasonable grasp of the expropriation for public interests, prevent the expansion of" public interest "firmly follow the principle of reasonable compensation, the compensation standard of land expropriation and housing demolition is obviously low, the integrated use of a variety of ways to carry out fair and reasonable compensation". In such cases of discrimination and retrial rights, "opinions" provisions of article sixteenth, "for the government in the land and housing expropriation and requisition process, do not give false judgment of expropriation compensation are fair and reasonable compensation in accordance with the scope, form and standards, the people’s court shall review, to start the retrial. In the retrial review and trial, we should pay attention to the use of administrative reconciliation mechanism, civil mediation, and properly resolve property disputes". In addition, the caused by investment, government and social capital cooperation and other activities in the dispute, "opinions" pointed out that "the government in violation of commitments, especially only because of the change of government, leadership turnover and other reasons for breach of contract breach of contract, we must resolutely support the reasonable demands of the administrative relative person. Because of national interests, public interests or other legal reasons to change the government’s commitment to compensation for property losses, according to an order". (end)相关的主题文章: