The sun was trapped in the elevator for 40 minutes by pressing the emergency button unattended (vide reshacker

The sun was trapped in the elevator for 40 minutes by pressing the emergency button no one should notice the cell door. One of the elevators is still unable to run. Washington (reporter Yan Yong) living in high-rise owners are most worried about the elevator is faulty". Recently, home station No. three Fu Building, Mr. Yi for elevator trouble at. He said that the district has been broken down one of the two elevators a month, the other often out of trouble. His mother-in-law and ran off the elevator is 40 minutes, fortunately found by neighbors, afterwards was rescued by the fire brigade. Both the sun both trapped in an elevator for 40 minutes for the small standing tall, a total of 27 layers, each layer of 10 households. There are two elevators for the owners to use. August, a small elevator failure, can not run. Households are more, every day rush hour is very angry." Mr. Yi said, an elevator for the owners of more than and 200 households, is too crowded. In addition, another elevator is often a problem, a few days ago, the mother-in-law took his son to take the elevator to go home, when the elevator to the 23 floor suddenly stuck. Mother in law to press the elevator emergency call button, but no answer. Later, near the floor of the residents heard someone in the elevator for help, only through the elevator trapped in the mother’s mouth that mr.. The family phone to inform Mr. Yi family trapped in the elevator, they went downstairs to help security. Easy to hear the news, immediately to the fire brigade for help, and rushed back to the district. "The most angry is the elevator company for a long time to come. Mother and son trapped in the elevator for nearly 40 minutes, firefighters rescued it." Mr. Yi said that the elevator monitoring and ventilation facilities have been damaged, people stay inside for a long time may be hypoxia, quite dangerous! The maintenance staff did not answer the phone caused by time delay in September 20th at noon, the reporter came to the District, residential door hanging billboard: lift cable to be customized, has orders to manufacturers, also need 10 days to change, please understand the owners, inscribed in time have been wiped away. The two building elevator has an elevator lift equipment in normal use, normal, another elevator fault display. The reporter saw in the guard room, several camera has an image, but did not see the image in the elevator, claiming to be a director of the small business committee man told reporters that the elevator in August 21st after a failure, due to the replacement of wire rope, the next day they have to lift the company orders to buy accessories. Due to the need to customize the elevator parts, it takes about half a month, plus shipping time, it may take some time to arrive. The afternoon of September 19th, related accessories has been transported, maintenance personnel maintenance work overtime at night, due to the complex, the evening of 20 is expected, the elevator will be repaired. As for the owners in the elevator was closed in 40 minutes, the man said, at that time the security directly with the maintenance staff, but maintenance personnel in another district operations, received a telephone. After contact with the elevator company, only to send someone to repair, half-way delayed for some time. The man said, the residents, the three elevator, but because of the housing construction time earlier, it is only with the elevator two, vehicle load, coupled with the developers of non original elevator installation, lift some of the problems often occur. After the repair, will be suffering from another elevator相关的主题文章: