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The soup is really conducive to the development of the baby? Look at what the experts say – Sohu must have a lot of maternal mothers think that rice soup is very nutritious for the baby, is the most suitable for the baby to eat food, rice nutrition is higher than the Steamed Rice staple food. In addition, its taste is very good, low prices, but also conducive to digestion of the baby. So really nutritious soup? Q01: what is the soup? Rice and sugar, also known as rice porridge oil or oil, is actually in cooking or cooking, filtering out the rest of the soup is rice soup, and the soup is thick. Q02: rice soup containing what nutrition? In fact, rice did not people think so nutritious, because rice is relatively thick soup, in the boiling process, its nutrients decreased continuously. In fact, we usually eat rice, nutrients are mainly carbohydrates, it refers to the starch, but the protein content is not much. If made of boiled rice, which will reduce the nutritional value of many. Because the rice starch will be hydrolyzed into dextrin in boiled rice soup made, so that the main components of rice or a carbohydrate dextrin, but the protein is very low. In addition, with the refined boiled rice made of rice, the nutritional value is very low, because in the process of this kind of rice, there is the aleurone layer nutrition will fall off. As for brown rice, it contains a lot of arsenic, so if the baby eat too much brown rice, will affect the function of the kidney. Q03: the baby food had better not choose soup many valuable mothers know when the baby a few months old, you can give him some food to feed. How to choose the baby food? The best choice of iron more, and the heat is relatively high food, which is conducive to the growth and development of the baby, you can give your baby more calories. It said, in fact, rice nutrition is relatively low, so it is best not to rice as the baby food supplement. Po mom who can give the child to choose a relatively high nutrition, while the heat is relatively high food, is conducive to the healthy growth of children. If your child to drink soup choice, it is best to drink a little less, because the soup contains nutrients and calories are not many. So please treasure the mother must pay attention, do not be rice as the baby food supplement, go down for a long time, children vulnerable to malnutrition. Q04: experts think nutrition soup, it really doesn’t contain a lot of nutrition? In fact, there are a lot of people think, nutritious rice porridge and more, for the baby is a kind of very good food. So, treasure the mother most don’t buy baby Rice noodles, or choose boiled rice or porridge as a food supplement for the baby to eat at home. Even with rice powdered milk to the baby, in fact, this behavior is wrong, it can bring a lot of nutrition to the baby, let the baby healthy growth. Next to give you a look at the treasure mother, some domestic experts and nutrition experts recommend. Cui Yutao, a famous pediatric expert, has suggested that all of you can give them a baby when they are six months old相关的主题文章: