The Single Most Important Factor For Chihuahua

Pets The most important factor in Chihuahua training, or, for that matter, dogs of any breed, is consistency. Decide upon a training plan early and stick to it. If your dog is not going to be allowed onto the furniture, then he or she should never be allowed up onto the furniture. If you allow your Chihuahua to get away with things sometimes, then you cant blame him or her for expecting to get away with the same acts at other times. A confused dog is not a happy dog, and you will not be happy if your dog is doing things you dont want him or her to do. Establishing rules early and enforcing them consistently will avoid frustration for both of you. Training goes on at all times. In dog packs the leader is constantly being challenged for the position of leadership and must actively maintain his or her alpha status or be deposed. If you train your Chihuahua to heel while in obedience class but let him or her to wander around not heeling while you are out walking, your training will be extinguished. In dogs of larger breeds, it is customary to train them not to jump onto people or great them too boisterously. Chihuahuas are hardly likely to hurt anyone by jumping, but some people consider this rude behavior. It is up to the owner whether jumping will be considered acceptable. Once you make the decision, then stick to it. A small dog will not take up much space on your bed, but some people think that dogs should not be allowed onto the bed because they might begin to think of themselves as pack leaders if they are permitted to sleep in the most desirable spot. Other people find it .forting to have their dogs sleep in their beds like living Teddy bears. Again, the decision is up to you, but, once made, it should not be changed unless there is a problem. If any decision must be changed, change it once and for all, rather than planning to go back again later. A dog with consistent rules is a happy dog. One problem that can beset owners of dogs of almost any breed is barking and whining. This is a difficult thing to handle consistently because it is easy to get short-term peace and quiet by giving in and giving the dog a treat or some other bribe to make the noise stop. Again, be consistent. Ignore annoying behaviors and reward your friend for being quiet and not causing any uproar. When he or she learns that calm behavior brings rewards, then your dog will be happiest when calm. Consistency in your dog training plan should yield good results. If you are still having problems, then see your veterinarian or a professional trainer. Enjoy your dog. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: