The richest man in Hubei a year Kuangzhuan 17 billion Yan Zhi Thatcher’s 3 equity touted

The richest man in Hubei a year Kuangzhuan 17 billion Yan Zhi Thatcher’s 3 equity touted wealth in 2015 13 billion 500 million, the country ranked 206th, 2016 fortune 30 billion 500 million, the fiftieth – year "Kuangzhuan 17 billion, net worth increased 126%, zall holdings chairman Yan Zhi created a wealth of legend. Thatcher began in 2006 to build the country’s largest consumer goods logistics platform — North Hankou international trade center. 2013, zall group opens nationwide layout, continue to build a large logistics center in the north, southwest, northwest, northeast and other transportation hub city. Do the line under the market at the same time, the drow in recent years continued to force online. In July 2015, mode of exploration and experience results of Thatcher Internet plus wholesale market "by the Ministry of Commerce approval, North Hankou approved national e-commerce demonstration base. In August 2015, 1 shares in just shop founder and served as co chairman of the board of directors of the drow, Thatcher power transformation of the Internet, build online wholesale trading market platform China leading. The cloud market plans start at the same time, launched zall purchase, clothing, Zhuo Zhuojin send three set online trading and service platform. In April 2016, the drow world famous cross-border electronic business platform in Lanting Pavilion formation potential, the country’s first O2O foreign trade integration business platform, and the acquisition of Shenzhen huimao technology, the establishment of the drow Zhaopin, get through the payment chain. The same month, the Alibaba original CEO Wei Zhe of independent directors to join the drow, and served as the chairman of the remuneration committee. In August, Thatcher purchase transaction exceeded 20 billion mark, the drow entered the domestic first-line business camp. The transformation of the Internet won market recognition, in just, Wei and other chiefs have joined, Thatcher’s 3 stocks were touted by investors. The drow group (02098.HK) as an example, at the beginning of August 2015 was HK $3 a month and a half later, Yiqijuechen, doubled in October 1 shares split into 3 shares, after a short back again to take the cattle, has now risen to 5 Hong Kong dollar line, right to re price up to HK $15, more than a year rose 4 times. The total market value of HK $52 billion 400 million. It is the recognition of the capital market, so that Hubei will become the richest man.相关的主题文章: