The PLA garrison completed nineteenth units of rotation – Beijing boee

The PLA garrison completed nineteenth units – Beijing rotation in Hongkong. In August 25, China PLA Hongkong garrison spokesman Jiang Bo 25, Hongkong garrison units in rotation and retired soldiers from Hong Kong announced that the Hong Kong Garrison stationed in Hongkong since August 25th organized the nineteenth units of rotation, rotation the successful completion of action. After the rotation of troops, troops stationed in the Hongkong Special Economic Zone, the number of troops and equipment remained unchanged. The formation of the unit rotation action in accordance with the "law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region garrison" on the implementation of the Hongkong garrison personnel rotation system, the provisions of the Central Military Commission and the completion of the order of. Jiang Bo said that due to the national conscription time adjusted from winter to summer and autumn, the voluntary retirement work is also adjusted to the summer and autumn. According to the relevant provisions of the military service law of People’s Republic of China, this year’s service has expired soldiers stationed in the recently retired from active duty, and leave Hongkong to return to the mainland origin. He also said that the officers and soldiers to the rotation and departure ex-servicemen accomplished the Hongkong garrison tasks, take practical action to the motherland and the people turn in a satisfactory answer. They are stationed in the Hongkong news office, thanks to all sectors of the community and the public for their work and life care and support. Jiang Bo, the incoming rotation land, sea, air force unit officers earlier in the mainland base training and learning system, master basic military skills, Hongkong and relevant legal knowledge, improve and reinforce the comprehensive quality and ability of defense duties required. They said, will unswervingly implement the "great policy of one country two systems", strictly abide by the "basic law", "the Garrison Law" and the laws of the Hongkong SAR, carry forward the fine tradition, faithfully perform their duties, practice the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests and make a positive contribution to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hongkong. He also said that the establishment of unit rotation and retired soldiers out of action, the Hongkong SAR government and the relevant departments of the mainland to cooperate and support, expressed heartfelt thanks to the troops. (end)相关的主题文章: