The night alone home drunk woman suffered robbery suspects were arrested in the alley

Drunk woman night robbery suspects were arrested at home alone at night alone in the alley drunk woman home, walked into the alley when looting. The day before, Xiangyang police disclosed new gang robbery case, at the same time to the public how to prevent robbers weapon. On September 24th at 1:20 in the morning, police received a high Ju Xing nvzai alarm: she works in Changhong road in a KTV, the day after work to go home alone, more than 4 groups of a gang just walked into the alley, suddenly two men rushed over her mouth, and she took the hands of the mobile phone and the value of 3000 yuan, with more than 1000 yuan in cash a bank card, bag. After the incident, the Public Security Bureau immediately organized elite forces cracked. Through the investigation, the high Criminal Investigation Brigade police quickly found traces of the suspects, finally in the afternoon of September 28th, the two suspects were arrested near the train station. The investigation, Wang and Zhang are 90, no work, addicted to online games. Wang Mou for goof, his wife just as he divorced. Because there is no source of income, two people had a price of $500 when the phone off. For the redemption of mobile phone, they decided to rush into danger. The early morning of September 24th, two people to find the target in the middle lane, found Ms. Ju alone also drunk, is no alert to the name of the phone, so treasonous. Then, two people will be the mobile phone when Ms. Ju 1300 yuan, the redemption of its own mobile phone, all the money to play online games. At present, two people have been jingfangxingju. Women go home alone at night, how to prevent looting? Police remind people, especially women, should try to walk at night bright lights, more pedestrian routes, avoid walking in the quiet road. Through the lonely road, the best companion, and observe the surrounding dynamic, fast through. If necessary, should try to avoid wearing eye-catching jewelry bag and go out, at the same time, do not count the cash in public places. In case of robbers, should decisively abandon money to save his life. At the same time, as far as possible to write the physical characteristics and the crime of the robbers used by the vehicle license plate, model, color and so on, and immediately report to the police. (reporter correspondent Qian Rong Hong Zhen Shi Hongli)相关的主题文章: