The new [tips] next week 8 new shares were raising 4 billion 200 million yuan purchase

The new [tips] next week 8 new shares to raise 4 billion 200 million yuan purchase guide bursts from the WeChat public, "Securities Times net" Author: Wu Shaolong original title: Danger ahead! Another wave of new shares are approaching (with purchase schedule, attention, shadow stocks) to fight the new family to pay attention to! This week issued a new peak reproduction. As of now, the two city has arranged 8 new shares this week online purchase, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange 4, gem and small plates and the two. Data show that the total number of 8 shares issued a total of about 383 million shares, is expected to raise a total of $4 billion 216 million. From the purchase time point of view, in addition to October 24th (Monday) no new shares, the remaining 4 days a day, there are only 2 new shares can be purchased, and maintain the rhythm of the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities one day. As a qualified a new family, in the amazing effect of new money plus background without advance payment of the purchase, you have to do only one, one does not fall to full purchase according to their own lines. The following is the Jun Jun for you to sort out the new calendar, please close. If you are a new family of the nouveau riche, want to know this week of the subscription of new shares, with a market capitalization, estimated maximum success rate, the issue price information, please rest assured, you also for your times ready. Among them, the Bank of Wujiang will debut on Wednesday, the top of the market value of the purchase price of 330 thousand yuan. Based on past experience, the top box purchase required with more market value, the higher the probability of the sign, the market expects the Bank of Wujiang success rate will reach 0.12%, this week the remaining shares in the success rate of two times or more.   it is worth noting that the Bank of Wujiang or the Bank of Shanghai and the bank will delay the release of the situation. Prospectus shows that the Bank of Wujiang intends to issue 111 million 500 thousand shares of A shares, are public offering of new shares, intends to use this public offering to raise funds for the amount of additional capital of $716 million. The Bank of Wujiang announced no issue price, however, disclosed in the prospectus, according to the June 30th time calculation, the bank’s net assets per share of 6.83 yuan, if the estimated issue price according to the industry earnings will be significantly lower than the net assets per share. If the Bank of Wujiang will be issued by the net assets, there will be delays in the issuance of three weeks. Because, higher than the industry average price earnings ratio of new shares issued in accordance with the requirements of the need to continue to issue three special announcement of investment risk, and then arrange the listing. Of course, in addition to the purchase of new shares, the shadow stocks behind the same concern. Sammy: Jiuding investment (600053) under the Jiaxing teze Jiuding Investment Center (limited partnership), holding 6 million 534 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 3.3%. The Bank of Wujiang: Ding Internet (002491) this year’s report shows that the company holds 2 million 727 thousand and 500 shares of Bank of Wujiang, the shareholding ratio of approximately 0.27%.   inspection group: the controlling shareholder of Chinese Building Materials Science Research Institute is a listed company with Skandia Technology (002066) of the controlling shareholder. If you want to play the new note from a qualified advanced into a new family of new and excellent, so the following items you need to remember. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market is calculated separately. Even if there is no market value of Shanghai has 500 thousand, the Shenzhen market capitalization, to purchase shares of SMEs innovation.相关的主题文章: